Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Brave

In Nicholas Evans's the Brave, he gave us a heart-breaking and moving novel, a break from his eco-thrillers in the past, and gave us one of his best. This novel had a great combination of literary fiction and historical fiction entwined in this heart-pounding thriller. He took us on an emotional journey of Tom Bedford's life, when he weaved a good combination and segues of the past and the present. It was about his brave life, one he lived  that was filled of lies and half-truths. When adult Tom Bedford received devastating news about his only son, Daniel, a Marine who was in a troubling crisis in Montana, we were transported to a young English Tommy and the story of his life. Living through a hard life and heartaches, Tommy experienced hardships in a English boarding school and one of living in a Hollywood life of luxury that took a twisting turn to tragedy. He gave us a good balance of past and present and how brave he turned to be in his adult life. There was a lot of twists and turns that really pulled at your heartstrings real tight and makes you cry. This is one of his finest and the best.

This thriller was beautiful and heart-warming as The Horse Whisperer.  I really cared about Daniel and Tom Bedford as he relieved his life through flashbacks and to the present life, which really showed how brave he was throughout every single ordeal. This made me cry throughout the novel and had a heavy heart. I loved the beautiful locations of England to Montana to California and more. Each one had lovely settings too. Great drama and non-stop action, plenty of intrigue and suspense with a hint of romance along the way.

Will you be brave to read the Brave? Check it out today!

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