Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ten Things I Love About You

In Julia Quinn's The Ten Things I Love About You, the third book in the Bevelstroke historical romance series, she wrote a compelling story about two people who needed each other for all the right reasons. Annabel Winslow had been set to marry the Earl of Newbury, an older man who needed a heir before he dies. But she wasn't interested in him. When she bumped into his nephew, Sebastian Grey, things change. She didn't know about his relation to him, while he kept his own secret on how he financed his own home. His uncle also hated his guts too. And now there were ten things why she didn't want to marry him, while she fell in love with Sebastian. And when things had gotten dicey and a tad scandalous, it was now up to him to save her from his uncle's clutches and take her for his own.  When they tag-teamed together, they knew it was an unpaid match made in heaven with a happy ending.

This was a beautiful and charming historical romance. I cared about Annabel and Sebastian and how they met by chance and let Fate intervene between them. This was charming and amusing at the same time. I loved the 18th century London location for the setting in this romance, too. This had a bit of rumor and charm installed in this beautiful historical romance to make me swoon and sway like trees in a rainstorm. Great drama, plenty of intense non-stop action with tons of romance and intrigue along the way.

Will you pick up a copy today?

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