Monday, June 3, 2013

Skirting the Grave

Welcome to the world of vintage clothing. In Annette Blair's Skirting the Grave,  the 4th installment of the Vintage Magic series, Madeira Cutler  was the owner of the Vintage Magic Thrift shop in Mystic, Connecticut. She waited for her new intern, courtesy of her sister Brandy. And when she found her at the train station, she was DOA. And that placed Madeira into a world of intrigue and family surprises, when the real intern showed up on her doorstep. There was a paranormal twist with a talking ghost, some witchcraft and some haunting flashbacks to the past from the previous owner. And when it all added up, a good intriguing mystery of vintage clothing to preserve for your own. Plus Madeira was caught up into a love triangle between Nick the FBI agent, and Lytton the hot detective. In the end, she made the decision and the man she wanted. This is an enjoyable cozy.

This was an intriguing paranormal cozy mystery. I cared about Madeira and her love triangle she was in. I loved how she and her sisters were named after alcoholic drinks.  Pretty clever with a twist. I loved the Mystic, Connecticut location for the settings of the novels. It had a strong ambiance to it. I loved the paranormal magic theme as well. This mystified me and made me curious at the same time. Good drama, great non-stop action with plenty of magical intrigue for this mystery as well.

Will you be skirting the grave real soon? If so, bring a copy with you!

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