Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eyes of the Innocent

In Brad Parks's Eyes of the Innocent, the 2nd installment in the Carter Ross Mystery series, Carter Ross, a journalist from a local newspaper in NJ, was sent to the scene of the house fire, he'd had gotten more than he bargained for. For an exclusive, he and his colleague, Lauren "Sweet Thang" McMillan were on the case to cover the story. And this house fire wasn't anything but, when two young innocent boys had perished in that blaze; they discovered the truth behind Akillah Harris's life before the fire. To top things off, the local Councilman, Wendell "Windy" Byers Jr. had mysteriously disappeared, leaving a trace of blood behind. For Carter and Lauren, they learned the timeline that lead to the disappearance and house fire with a shocking connection, when some of Lauren's things turned up missing. Akillah was running for her life from the killer, when they uncovered a startling political scandal. And when Byers had turned up dead, it had turned grim for them. An evil man named "Primo" lurked in the neighborhood and covered up his tracks. This was a good read.

This was a fantastic mystery. It had so many startling twists and turned that you didn't see coming for miles. It kept me hooked into suspense with every shocking page turn. I cared about Carter, Lauren, and Akillah Harris as well. I loved the tri-state location for the settings of this series. This sent me goosebumps and chills and left me exasperated in the end. I didn't like "Primo" one bit. Great drama, excellent suspense with gripping non-stop action and plenty of intrigue to the end.

Will you observe the eyes of the innocent? If so, check it out today!

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