Friday, June 28, 2013


In Sandra Brown's Ricochet, down in Savannah Georgia, the heat was rising for the Savannah Police Department. When Robert Savich, a criminal mastermind, received a mistrial and was free, it angered Lte. Duncan Hatcher. He went toe to toe with Judge Cato Laird. From there, Duncan and his partner, DeeDee Bowen, were put in charge of a fatal break-in case. And it wasn't all what it seemed. When he met Cato's wife Elise, he knew something was up, while trying not to fall in love with her. And from there, she pleaded the case to him in private, that it was self-defense and explained the real reason behind that. It was now up to Bowen and Hatcher to get to the truth of the matter and put two to two together with help from Elise. But the chemistry between Elise and Duncan were explosive, when they go behind the fa├žade of lies and half-truths. This was a delicious romantic suspense to dig into anytime of the year.

This was an excellent romantic suspense. I cared about Elise and Duncan, while I hated Cato and Robert Savich for sure. They left a bad taste in my month. I loved the Savannah location for the scenic settings in this novel. This was gripping and held me in suspense, while there was some times I cringed and flinched.  Great drama, excellent non-stop action and plenty of intrigue and romance to smoke up the mirrors.

Will you check out Ricochet today? Pick up a copy now!

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