Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to Marry a Duke

In Vicky Dreiling's debut in the historical romance genre, How to Marry a Duke, the first book in the How to series, she took us on a journey of two hearts. Tristan Gatewick, the Duke of Shelbourne, was in need to marry, and to have a heir. And when he sought out Tessa Mansfield, the notorious matchmaker, he was in for a surprise. Tristan didn't want to marry for love, while Tessa had a deep dark and shameful secret of her own and wanted her independence. But when she agreed to help set up the Duke with a match, she set out 24 lovely women to vie for his attention and courtship, while he would eliminate them one by one for their faults. In the process, he learned about Tessa and was tempted to touch her heart and give her pleasure. But when a face from her past ruined her peace, they were in for some obstacles of their own. Between the two of them, we saw them in an emotional crisis and how they felt for each other. Little did they know, when they had cast all doubts aside, they would make a perfect match of their own for society. A beautiful debut!

This was a charming and lovely historical romance.  This made me swoon and sway for Tristan and also become bewildered by him too. I cared about Tessa and Tristan and how they would be able to pull it off. I loved the central London setting and location for the 18th century in this piece. From the first page, I became hooked and came tumbling into their world. Great drama, lovely romance and intense suspense and intrigue for a great catch to read.

Will you discover How to Marry a Duke, too? If so, dive right in with a copy today!

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  1. Kristen,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review of HOW TO MARRY A DUKE. Cheers!

    Vicky Dreiling


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