Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oath of Office

Stop the presses! In this new series of medical thrillers from Michael Palmer, we were  introduced into the world of Dr. Lou Welcome. In the first installment, Oath of Office,  this dealt with a political slant with an environmental and scientific twist I won't dare give away. It all started with a workplace shooting and grew into something diabolical, when there was something wrong with Kings Ridge, Virginia. People would stop to nothing to prevent their dirty little secret from coming out. And when Dr. Lou Welcome was on the case, he discovered a shocking turn of events that had some ties to the White House. As it grew more heinous, people were acting stranger, when there was something wrong with their food and dead bodies were mysteriously disappearing. While Lou's friends and family's lives were endangered as his own, he would stop it from getting worse and saved more lives from being destroyed. Hold onto your hats! We'll see how everything unraveled in Lou's eyes and what Darlene Mallory uncovered for herself.

This was a wonderful new medical thriller series. I loved the political-ecological slant to this one. I loved the introduction of this new and charming new character, including his own background. I loved the D.C.-Virginia background for the location of this storyline. I did care about Lou, the Kings Ridge community, and Darlene Mallory as well. This would take you on a thrill ride with fast-paced action sequences on every page. Plenty of action, suspense, medical intrigue, and mystery would take you on a wild ride to the end.

Ready for a great medical thriller? Grab a copy to start reading today!

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