Sunday, June 30, 2013


If you love a cutting-edge medical thriller, you'll love the medical thriller debut from Robin Cook. In Coma, Susan Wheeler was a third-year medical student doing a rotation with Dr. Mark Bellows, a doctor she was attracted to, in Memorial Hospital. What started out with a routine surgery for not one patient but two, she became intrigued about something sinister going on in her own hospital. Ignoring her rounds and her class lectures, she was going to find out why those patients were in comas and didn't wake up. But when she had gotten close to the truth, she was also in danger of losing her life and her medical career before she'd even gotten started. With a hit man on her heels, she discovered a shocking connection at the Jefferson Institute and the people who was really behind it. She didn't know who to trust as friend or foe? There was a compelling ending I wouldn't dare give away.

This was a gripping medical thriller with spine-tingling thrills and chills along the way. This held me in suspense from the first page to the last. I loved the Boston area location for this twisted medical thriller as the settings. I didn't like the Jefferson Institute, while I cared about Susan and Mark and their possible relationship together. This was a shocker through and through. Great drama, plenty of shocking suspense and intrigue and lots of mystery to make you hold you breath and let it out.

Will you discover the truth behind the comas? If so, pick up a copy today!

Friday, June 28, 2013


In Sandra Brown's Ricochet, down in Savannah Georgia, the heat was rising for the Savannah Police Department. When Robert Savich, a criminal mastermind, received a mistrial and was free, it angered Lte. Duncan Hatcher. He went toe to toe with Judge Cato Laird. From there, Duncan and his partner, DeeDee Bowen, were put in charge of a fatal break-in case. And it wasn't all what it seemed. When he met Cato's wife Elise, he knew something was up, while trying not to fall in love with her. And from there, she pleaded the case to him in private, that it was self-defense and explained the real reason behind that. It was now up to Bowen and Hatcher to get to the truth of the matter and put two to two together with help from Elise. But the chemistry between Elise and Duncan were explosive, when they go behind the façade of lies and half-truths. This was a delicious romantic suspense to dig into anytime of the year.

This was an excellent romantic suspense. I cared about Elise and Duncan, while I hated Cato and Robert Savich for sure. They left a bad taste in my month. I loved the Savannah location for the scenic settings in this novel. This was gripping and held me in suspense, while there was some times I cringed and flinched.  Great drama, excellent non-stop action and plenty of intrigue and romance to smoke up the mirrors.

Will you check out Ricochet today? Pick up a copy now!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eyes of the Innocent

In Brad Parks's Eyes of the Innocent, the 2nd installment in the Carter Ross Mystery series, Carter Ross, a journalist from a local newspaper in NJ, was sent to the scene of the house fire, he'd had gotten more than he bargained for. For an exclusive, he and his colleague, Lauren "Sweet Thang" McMillan were on the case to cover the story. And this house fire wasn't anything but, when two young innocent boys had perished in that blaze; they discovered the truth behind Akillah Harris's life before the fire. To top things off, the local Councilman, Wendell "Windy" Byers Jr. had mysteriously disappeared, leaving a trace of blood behind. For Carter and Lauren, they learned the timeline that lead to the disappearance and house fire with a shocking connection, when some of Lauren's things turned up missing. Akillah was running for her life from the killer, when they uncovered a startling political scandal. And when Byers had turned up dead, it had turned grim for them. An evil man named "Primo" lurked in the neighborhood and covered up his tracks. This was a good read.

This was a fantastic mystery. It had so many startling twists and turned that you didn't see coming for miles. It kept me hooked into suspense with every shocking page turn. I cared about Carter, Lauren, and Akillah Harris as well. I loved the tri-state location for the settings of this series. This sent me goosebumps and chills and left me exasperated in the end. I didn't like "Primo" one bit. Great drama, excellent suspense with gripping non-stop action and plenty of intrigue to the end.

Will you observe the eyes of the innocent? If so, check it out today!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sharpshooter: Special Ebook review

If you love fast-paced romantic suspense novels, this is another one for you. In Cynthia Eden's Sharpshooter, the third book in the Shadow agents series, Sydney and Gunnar were members of an elite EOD team. Sydney's fiancé's Slade Ortiz, Gunner's half-brother, was declared dead. Or so they thought, when they learned he didn't die, but was held hostage by rebels in Peru. And from there, it was explosive for this complicated love triangle, when Sydney fell in love with Gunner and realized the changes in Slade. When someone went after them, it became personal, from being shot at and a fire. And someone was going to get hurt with hell to pay. Little by little, they knew that Slade's out for blood with jealousy, until it got too close to comfort. But it brought Sydney and Gunner closer, when she chose the right brother for real. This is an explosive romantic suspense to hit straight to the heart.

This romantic suspense was so intense, it was explosive and red-hot for reading. I did feel bad for Sydney, when she ended up in a tangled love triangle of her own with two brothers no less. i did like Gunner more and Slade less and less in the end. This one tugged at your own heart strings and pulled it real tight and taut. I loved the scenes in Peru and back in the United States as well. This had lots of drama, sexy hot romance, and a lots of dramatic non-stop action in every page.

Please check this out today!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to Marry a Duke

In Vicky Dreiling's debut in the historical romance genre, How to Marry a Duke, the first book in the How to series, she took us on a journey of two hearts. Tristan Gatewick, the Duke of Shelbourne, was in need to marry, and to have a heir. And when he sought out Tessa Mansfield, the notorious matchmaker, he was in for a surprise. Tristan didn't want to marry for love, while Tessa had a deep dark and shameful secret of her own and wanted her independence. But when she agreed to help set up the Duke with a match, she set out 24 lovely women to vie for his attention and courtship, while he would eliminate them one by one for their faults. In the process, he learned about Tessa and was tempted to touch her heart and give her pleasure. But when a face from her past ruined her peace, they were in for some obstacles of their own. Between the two of them, we saw them in an emotional crisis and how they felt for each other. Little did they know, when they had cast all doubts aside, they would make a perfect match of their own for society. A beautiful debut!

This was a charming and lovely historical romance.  This made me swoon and sway for Tristan and also become bewildered by him too. I cared about Tessa and Tristan and how they would be able to pull it off. I loved the central London setting and location for the 18th century in this piece. From the first page, I became hooked and came tumbling into their world. Great drama, lovely romance and intense suspense and intrigue for a great catch to read.

Will you discover How to Marry a Duke, too? If so, dive right in with a copy today!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oath of Office

Stop the presses! In this new series of medical thrillers from Michael Palmer, we were  introduced into the world of Dr. Lou Welcome. In the first installment, Oath of Office,  this dealt with a political slant with an environmental and scientific twist I won't dare give away. It all started with a workplace shooting and grew into something diabolical, when there was something wrong with Kings Ridge, Virginia. People would stop to nothing to prevent their dirty little secret from coming out. And when Dr. Lou Welcome was on the case, he discovered a shocking turn of events that had some ties to the White House. As it grew more heinous, people were acting stranger, when there was something wrong with their food and dead bodies were mysteriously disappearing. While Lou's friends and family's lives were endangered as his own, he would stop it from getting worse and saved more lives from being destroyed. Hold onto your hats! We'll see how everything unraveled in Lou's eyes and what Darlene Mallory uncovered for herself.

This was a wonderful new medical thriller series. I loved the political-ecological slant to this one. I loved the introduction of this new and charming new character, including his own background. I loved the D.C.-Virginia background for the location of this storyline. I did care about Lou, the Kings Ridge community, and Darlene Mallory as well. This would take you on a thrill ride with fast-paced action sequences on every page. Plenty of action, suspense, medical intrigue, and mystery would take you on a wild ride to the end.

Ready for a great medical thriller? Grab a copy to start reading today!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dolled Up For Murder

In Jane Cleland's Dolled Up For Murder,  the 7th installment of the Josie Prescott series, she was embroiled into another mystery. When Alice Michaels was shot in front of her antique store, her death placed Josie front and center of another shocking twist. While charges were impending on Alice's company from the SEC, it was now up to Josie to figure out why someone wanted her dead, even digging into her family life and private affairs, stemming from a valuable antique collection. When one of her co-workers was kidnapped, things changed for an exchange of rare dolls that was one of the kind. We witnessed what Josie goes through, when danger approached and closed in on her. And it did get freaky for Josie and her co-workers, when she was closer to the danger, when it' was right in front of her nose. While the press hounds her for the truth, she helped the police to get down to the bottom of this mess, when another prime suspect was killed and the killer was revealed.

This was another gripping cozy mystery dealing with antiques. This one gave me goosebumps from start to finish. I cared about Josie and Alice and became worried about them, too. I love the collectible antique theme for the series. I love the small town New England location for the settings as well. This one had plenty of drama, gripping suspense and intrigue, and tons of non-stop intriguing action.

 Will you be dolled up for murder? If so, check this out today!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dark Lover

If you love paranormal romances with a bite, this series is the one for you. Welcome to the Black Dagger Brotherhood in NYC. In JR Ward's Dark Lover, the first book in the Black Daggerhood Brotherhood paranormal romance series, they were lead by Wrath, the king who'd been asked to watch over his best friend's half-breed daughter, right before he died from a tragic accident by their rival group, the Omega Organization led by Mr.X of the lessers. Little did he know, this king was blind and vowed to protect her, when there was an act of crime. Also, he didn't expect to fall in love with Beth Randall. As for Beth, she didn't know anything about her parents and this killer vampire transition. But the chemistry between them was explosive, while the police was breathing down their necks. We do get to see what Beth went through and Wrath, too, from their eyes, when they will take you into the dark world. There was plenty of twists and turns in this captivating read with plenty of shocking drama. You'll dig into this series with a sharp appetite for a bite.

This was a captivating paranormal romance debut. These kind of vampires were kind and not so mean. It made you want to fall in love with their breed, too. I cared for Beth and Wrath and the BDB as well. I love the central New York City theme for the location of this series with pitch perfect settings. I didn't like the Omega Organization and Mr. X, either.  While reading, you'll be entranced and hooked from the first page, when you enter their world. Great drama, good non-stop action with terrific intrigue and sparks of romance to keep you enthralled, too.

Will you be enchanted by a dark lover today? If so, pick up a copy!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Born to Darkness

In Suzanne Brockmann's Born to Darkness, the first book in the Fighting Destiny series, it took place in the near and distant future. There was a brand new war against drugs; mainly this one called Destiny, which gave you a super-high with a lethal death rate. It was up to black-listed Navy SEAL, Shane Laughlin, who signed up to join the OI team. That was when he met Michelle Mackenzie, one of the Greater-Thans that had a high supernatural and paranormal power. Each one of the team had a special gift and a connection to someone there. While they fought this war on drugs, they were after the Organization that had kidnapped Anna Taylor's sister, Nika, into a nightmare of their own. With telepathy and other super powers, this futuristic thriller/romantic suspense was in a league of its own. You'll love it.

This was a terrific introduction to the futuristic thriller world with paranormal and romantic suspense tendencies. It gave us a brief glimpse of what it could be back then, if we don't change things in the here and now for the present, especially on illegal drug consumption. I cared about Michelle, Shane, and Anna Taylor, including everyone on the OI team. I loved the futuristic settings it took us for the location. This made me gasp and shock in awe of the amazing twists and turns straight to the end. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue with plenty of hints of romantic suspense and paranormal superpowers to hook us in on the first page.

Are you ready to be born into darkness? If so, check this out today!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Skirting the Grave

Welcome to the world of vintage clothing. In Annette Blair's Skirting the Grave,  the 4th installment of the Vintage Magic series, Madeira Cutler  was the owner of the Vintage Magic Thrift shop in Mystic, Connecticut. She waited for her new intern, courtesy of her sister Brandy. And when she found her at the train station, she was DOA. And that placed Madeira into a world of intrigue and family surprises, when the real intern showed up on her doorstep. There was a paranormal twist with a talking ghost, some witchcraft and some haunting flashbacks to the past from the previous owner. And when it all added up, a good intriguing mystery of vintage clothing to preserve for your own. Plus Madeira was caught up into a love triangle between Nick the FBI agent, and Lytton the hot detective. In the end, she made the decision and the man she wanted. This is an enjoyable cozy.

This was an intriguing paranormal cozy mystery. I cared about Madeira and her love triangle she was in. I loved how she and her sisters were named after alcoholic drinks.  Pretty clever with a twist. I loved the Mystic, Connecticut location for the settings of the novels. It had a strong ambiance to it. I loved the paranormal magic theme as well. This mystified me and made me curious at the same time. Good drama, great non-stop action with plenty of magical intrigue for this mystery as well.

Will you be skirting the grave real soon? If so, bring a copy with you!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ten Things I Love About You

In Julia Quinn's The Ten Things I Love About You, the third book in the Bevelstroke historical romance series, she wrote a compelling story about two people who needed each other for all the right reasons. Annabel Winslow had been set to marry the Earl of Newbury, an older man who needed a heir before he dies. But she wasn't interested in him. When she bumped into his nephew, Sebastian Grey, things change. She didn't know about his relation to him, while he kept his own secret on how he financed his own home. His uncle also hated his guts too. And now there were ten things why she didn't want to marry him, while she fell in love with Sebastian. And when things had gotten dicey and a tad scandalous, it was now up to him to save her from his uncle's clutches and take her for his own.  When they tag-teamed together, they knew it was an unpaid match made in heaven with a happy ending.

This was a beautiful and charming historical romance. I cared about Annabel and Sebastian and how they met by chance and let Fate intervene between them. This was charming and amusing at the same time. I loved the 18th century London location for the setting in this romance, too. This had a bit of rumor and charm installed in this beautiful historical romance to make me swoon and sway like trees in a rainstorm. Great drama, plenty of intense non-stop action with tons of romance and intrigue along the way.

Will you pick up a copy today?