Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Last Breath

In One Last Breath, the first book in the Borderline series, we're introduced to Francis "Feenie" Malone, a divorcée who's seeking revenge on her ex-husband. We can see her struggle in the journalism field, making a name for her own, and her anger and heartbreak on her ex-husband. I really felt for Feenie, ever since for page one, and how her former in-laws treated her. Her best friend, Cecilia Strickland, always supporting her, while we witness her own struggles with her own husband. Enter Marco Juarez, a former cop now turned PI, who turned up the heat. We know for sure, sparks would fly between them, a certain chemistry, ever since they got trouble. He's a man on a mission too. Is it hot in here or just me? He's hot, sexy and not bad on the eyes. We witness the chemistry between them, and their love grow, while they both stop at nothing to get the same man, one way or another. This romantic suspense will cool you down this summer.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Killer Crop

If you love culinary cozies, you'll enjoy this one from the Orchard Mysteries. When I've read A Killer Crop, it was a good cozy. We were enveloped into a rustic world of living in Massachusetts, when a murder took place. We were introduced to Meg Corey, who now learned the ropes of apple picking for her orchard. There was so much that goes into the process, whether by hand or by machine, even to make cider, for harvest season.  It was a lot of hard work to learn about apple picking.  It's educational and informative all at once, highlighting Meg's life in the story. When she was tired from a hard day at work, so am I.  We saw her struggle, when her mom visited her, on telling her about her boyfriend, Seth. I'm so glad that later on, she introduced him to her. He was some kind of handy eye candy in my opinion.  But we could see a growing relationship between Seth and Meg, even before and after she told her parents about him. We also learned more about Emily Dickinson's life and Meg's fictional relationship to it. It was  a good balance for a culinary cozy with a hint of historical fiction and tons of intrigue, when Meg solved her another. This is an enjoyable read.

This was another fantastic culinary cozy. I continued to love the small town community of Granford, Massachusetts. I loved how they came together. I love seeing Meg with Seth. The insight of the apple orchard process  was quite interesting as well. Her mother's appearance was quite amusing and inquisitive to know about her family. I loved the Emily Dickinson genealogical twist to this cozy as well.

Ready to pick up a good cozy? Give this one a go today!

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Alexander Cipher

When I read the first book in the Daniel Knox series by Will Adams, The Alexander Cipher is a total package of action-adventure and historical fiction for this thriller. Set in Egypt, this is reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movie trilogies. Plenty of action, danger and suspense, when we're introduced to Daniel Knox and the characters in the novel. My heart sank, when Gaille and Daniel revealed about loss in their family, the same for Elena on her  husband, and my heart ache on Mohammed's sick daughter. He would do anything to save his daughter's life, even illegally. We learn about the secrets of Alexander the Great's tomb and his origins between Macedonia and Egypt. The location is exotic and interesting. The historical aspect of Alexander's life and Egyptian customs--then and now--makes this for a good read. We're really set in the throes of danger and adventure in every page with a shocking conclusion, and a cliffhanger for the other four books in the series. Get ready to plunge into heart-pounding danger in Egypt.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scent of Darkness

In Christina Dodd's Scent of Darkness, the first installment in the Darkness Chosen paranormal romance series, a couple of words had popped into my mind when I read--red hot, primal, sexy, exotic. That summed it up. This paranormal romance would make you purr like a cat or howl like a coyote. You would be introduced to Jasha Wilder, a sexy Russian immigrant and wine producer, as we would learn about his dark side and his hidden and secret past. Ann Smith, his administrative assistant had a dark secret of her own and a troubled past, too. But when you read about them, you couldn't miss the smoldering chemistry, the passion, the romance, and the intrigue between the Wilder family and what they went through to get here. I became curious to know them more and to see them get together in a more than professional way. They do make an attractive couple in more ways than one. For both of them, they would have to find the light of the tunnel and know they were meant for each other. Bring a fan for this one or turn up the AC, when you read this steamy paranormal series.

 This was a fantastic and thrilling paranormal romance novel. This had piqued my interest in so many levels. I became interested in Jasha's life with a dark side and concerned about his past. I thought Ann had something going on with her, when she turned up the heat with Jasha. There was something about him that had brought out the wild side between them. I loved the California locations and the vast settings for this novel. This would make you fall for this shape-shifter with drama, hot romance, intrigue and lots of non-stop action.

Will you follow the scent of darkness? Check it out today!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Now May You Weep

If you love great mysteries with a twist, you'll enjoy Deborah Crombie's Now You May Weep, the ninth installment of the Kincaid/James series. This time, it was set in England and in the Scottish Highlands. We were introduced to a bit of historical fiction to set up the scene. When I've read this book, I'm transported back into time for those flashbacks and then traveled to the beautiful countryside of the Scottish Highlands. As a reader, the beautiful scenic depictions took me there and later back to her native England. When  Gemma met her neighbor Hazel and others at a cookery class there, we were there with her, observing the people and scene as a tourist. Later, there was a conflict between Hazel and Donald Brodie. It was something that worried me, like it did for Gemma. Back home in England, there was tension between Kincaid and his son Kit that was built up. But there was  love brewing between Kincaid and Gemma, a new-found love, whether there were on the phone or in person. Gemma was shocked, when she discovered a dead body, as she transformed to a police officer on the scene, questioning others and wondered about the background. This book kept me glued to the end.

 This was a terrific mystery in the Kincaid/James series. I cared about Gemma and Kincaid, when they worked together and became to fall in love with each other as two single parents with a child. I also cared about Hazel as well. I loved the background with the flashbacks and the settings of the Scottish Highlands for the location of this storyline. This would make you hooked and reel you in for a great mystery. Great drama, great non-stop action and suspense with lots of intrigue to hook you to the end.

Will you weep for this terrific mystery? Calm down with the tissue and a copy today!

Friday, May 11, 2012


This is a great thriller. Set in real time and in the course of one day, it's reminiscent of the hit TV show, 24. In this novel, we meet Theresa MacLean and watch her go through her harrowing ordeal. In every page, I become hooked  into this novel. We see her work as a CSI officer and watch her take control of her emotions in a crisis. I could relate to her in a way, as I could see her try to keep them in check. I discover her unravel when her world comes tumbling down. As the clock counts down and ticks down the hours, my heart beat races along with my pulse rising on every page. You're really don't know what's going to happen next, until you turn the page and hold your breath. In the end, it's heart-breaking, when we watch her heart break. My heart deflates like a balloon. This is a heart-racing thriller to kickstart this series.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dead Witch Walking

In Dead Witch Walking, I've entered a paranormal/an urban fantasy world I never seen before. Everything's changed. When I'm introduced to Rachel Morgan, a white witch on her own, I follow her on this journey with every turn of the page. With every page, chapter and scene, I cheer her on and hold my breath. I almost cried in a couple of scenes. The scenery of a fictional Downtown Cincinnati is spectacular, which included the Hallows. There's plenty of nonstop drama and action to leave you breathless and wanting more. If you haven't read urban fantasy, dive into this series.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sweet Tea At Sunrise

This is a beautiful contemporary romance. We're introduced to Sarah Price. A recent divorcee and mother of two, who wanted a clean slate from her messy divorce to her home in Serenity, South Carolina. I, as a reader, rallied for Sarah. My heart broke, when she endured such a hardship from her husband Walter and his verbal abuse. We witness her low self-esteem and having no trust for me. When Travis enters into Sarah's life, we can really see the sparks flying between the two in a hate/love relationship. He didn't give up on her. He's a champion in my opinion. Although both of them have baggage, like Travis being known as a player and former ball player. We do see a lot of changing also in Serenity--even Walter, Sarah's ex, who wants to be a better father and ex-husband for each other. Second chances is the best way to explain it. I'm happy to see one for Sarah with a happy ending.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


In PJ Tracy's Monkeewrench, the first installment in the Monkeewrench mystery series,  we were introduced to an intriguing new police procedural. We were right in the heart of the matter when both sets of crimes had taken place in two states: Minnesota and Wisconsin. We were introduced to Grace and the Monkeewrench crew--all of them had secrets to hide and covered their tracks--when they developed a new computer game that caused tons of publicity--the bad kind. We can really feel the pain, when someone imitated life after their computer's graphic art. We followed their footsteps, heading right into danger, when no one was none the wiser between them. It was very fast paced and placed you into the heart of the suspense and danger. Your heart's racing and you're sweating, because you  don't want to me in the killer's path too. This novel would keep you into suspense in both set states, and put you in Grace's shoes, when we learned her secrets and how she protected herself from evil... which might be next door.

This was a great new mystery debut. It tackled hard crime with a dose of humor. I really cared about Grace and her crew and became intrigued with the MPD, especially when she meets Leo Magozzi. You can instantly see a growing attraction between them. I loved the dual locations of Minnesota and Wisconsin for the settings for this novel's dark crimes. This would pull you in for a ride on every page that's filled with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and plenty of suspense.

Will you check out Monkeewrench today? If so, give it a go!