Thursday, May 17, 2012

Now May You Weep

If you love great mysteries with a twist, you'll enjoy Deborah Crombie's Now You May Weep, the ninth installment of the Kincaid/James series. This time, it was set in England and in the Scottish Highlands. We were introduced to a bit of historical fiction to set up the scene. When I've read this book, I'm transported back into time for those flashbacks and then traveled to the beautiful countryside of the Scottish Highlands. As a reader, the beautiful scenic depictions took me there and later back to her native England. When  Gemma met her neighbor Hazel and others at a cookery class there, we were there with her, observing the people and scene as a tourist. Later, there was a conflict between Hazel and Donald Brodie. It was something that worried me, like it did for Gemma. Back home in England, there was tension between Kincaid and his son Kit that was built up. But there was  love brewing between Kincaid and Gemma, a new-found love, whether there were on the phone or in person. Gemma was shocked, when she discovered a dead body, as she transformed to a police officer on the scene, questioning others and wondered about the background. This book kept me glued to the end.

 This was a terrific mystery in the Kincaid/James series. I cared about Gemma and Kincaid, when they worked together and became to fall in love with each other as two single parents with a child. I also cared about Hazel as well. I loved the background with the flashbacks and the settings of the Scottish Highlands for the location of this storyline. This would make you hooked and reel you in for a great mystery. Great drama, great non-stop action and suspense with lots of intrigue to hook you to the end.

Will you weep for this terrific mystery? Calm down with the tissue and a copy today!

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