Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Last Breath

In One Last Breath, the first book in the Borderline series, we're introduced to Francis "Feenie" Malone, a divorcée who's seeking revenge on her ex-husband. We can see her struggle in the journalism field, making a name for her own, and her anger and heartbreak on her ex-husband. I really felt for Feenie, ever since for page one, and how her former in-laws treated her. Her best friend, Cecilia Strickland, always supporting her, while we witness her own struggles with her own husband. Enter Marco Juarez, a former cop now turned PI, who turned up the heat. We know for sure, sparks would fly between them, a certain chemistry, ever since they got trouble. He's a man on a mission too. Is it hot in here or just me? He's hot, sexy and not bad on the eyes. We witness the chemistry between them, and their love grow, while they both stop at nothing to get the same man, one way or another. This romantic suspense will cool you down this summer.

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