Friday, May 25, 2012

The Alexander Cipher

When I read the first book in the Daniel Knox series by Will Adams, The Alexander Cipher is a total package of action-adventure and historical fiction for this thriller. Set in Egypt, this is reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movie trilogies. Plenty of action, danger and suspense, when we're introduced to Daniel Knox and the characters in the novel. My heart sank, when Gaille and Daniel revealed about loss in their family, the same for Elena on her  husband, and my heart ache on Mohammed's sick daughter. He would do anything to save his daughter's life, even illegally. We learn about the secrets of Alexander the Great's tomb and his origins between Macedonia and Egypt. The location is exotic and interesting. The historical aspect of Alexander's life and Egyptian customs--then and now--makes this for a good read. We're really set in the throes of danger and adventure in every page with a shocking conclusion, and a cliffhanger for the other four books in the series. Get ready to plunge into heart-pounding danger in Egypt.

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