Friday, May 4, 2012

Sweet Tea At Sunrise

This is a beautiful contemporary romance. We're introduced to Sarah Price. A recent divorcee and mother of two, who wanted a clean slate from her messy divorce to her home in Serenity, South Carolina. I, as a reader, rallied for Sarah. My heart broke, when she endured such a hardship from her husband Walter and his verbal abuse. We witness her low self-esteem and having no trust for me. When Travis enters into Sarah's life, we can really see the sparks flying between the two in a hate/love relationship. He didn't give up on her. He's a champion in my opinion. Although both of them have baggage, like Travis being known as a player and former ball player. We do see a lot of changing also in Serenity--even Walter, Sarah's ex, who wants to be a better father and ex-husband for each other. Second chances is the best way to explain it. I'm happy to see one for Sarah with a happy ending.

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