Sunday, April 29, 2012

Warning Signs

If you love medical dramas on TV or in the movies, you'll love the second book in the Angels of Mercy series by CJ Lyons. In Lifelines, we were introduced to Nora, Amanda, Gina and Lydia, which became Lydia's story. Now in Warning Signs, this medical thriller would shock you in Amanda's POV.  Like any medical drama, we were right into the heart of the matter of a medical emergency for these medical students. Each one of them had a crisis to face, whether it turned up bad or good. We experienced their professional life in the hospital, and their social and love lives. And this one hit close to home to the four friends. When I read this novel, I felt like I was right there with them in the ER or outside the hospital. You would too, when you read this novel and experience drama, romance, action and suspense, all wrapped up in one medical thriller series. This shocked me into suspense and had me drawn into the heart of the matter for anyone involved.

This would pull you in and take you in for a wild ride. I loved how this focused on Amanda and told her story on how she found love with Lucas Stone. I loved the Philadelphia location, inside and outside of the hospital. I loved how they bonded and all pull together, no matter the crisis they took on in the Emergency Room. Great suspense, nice action and plenty of romance and intrigue to get absolved into this great medical thriller.

Ready to watch for warning signs? Give this one a go today! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Summer Secrets

This is a beautiful contemporary romance about three sisters and the summer that changed everything. We learn about Kate, Ashley and Caroline McKenna and their secrets, their pain, and the sailing race that they raced, eight years ago, and how it changed everything. When Tyler Jamison arrives in their island, their world is upside-down, when they meet this reporter. For the three of them, they suffered heartache and tragedy, concealed their secrets and covered their tracks. But for Kate, we discover her hidden desires to be with Tyler, as Ashley struggles to be with Sean, her former boyfriend who she cares about it. The scenery is beautiful, the story's well-written, and the romance is breath-taking. As a reader, I've felt torn as they did, when the past became slowly unearthed and rose to the surface. Life does go on, but when the secrets are out of the bag, anything goes.  This is a must-read.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To Pleasure a Lady

If you love red hot romances, you'll enjoy Nicole Jordan's To Pleasure a Lady, the first installment in the Courtship Wars series. We really get thrown into the world of Regency England and a two-week tempting bid from one dashing man. When you read this book, you really can feel the heartbreak that Arabella and her two sisters, Roslyn and Lilian, experienced, when scandal was tantamount in 18th century England. But we can sense the anger they had for their mother who abandoned them, and the ridiculous rule their step-uncle surmounted on them. Nonetheless, we were introduced to Marcus Pierce, their new guardian, who had a mission of his own to woo Arabella Loring. We could see the heat between Belle and Marcus, the temptation to experience love and sex, the matching of wits between them, when they knew, they've met their match and belonged together. In the end, we do get pleasure and sensuality between Arabella and Marcus. Ladies, fan yourself!

This was a tempting historical romance to read and enjoy.  I cared about Arabella and her two sisters and despised their mother and their step-uncle. I thought Marcus was dashing and handsome in a curious way. I loved the 18th century England location and the lovely London settings for this novels. This would make you want to read it right to the end and fan yourself with the book, too. This would keep you hooked and wanting to read more in the 6-book series, too. Great drama, plenty of heart-stopping action and intrigue and romance along the way.

Check this out today!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fine Feathered Death

If you love great cozies, you'll enjoy this one. In Linda O. Johnston's Fine Feathered Death, the 3rd book in the Kendra Ballentyne cozy series, Kendra was a lawyer and a pet-setter in L.A. You could really feel how strong she was devoted she was to her law firm, while she tried to keep her license, and her love for animals, even if it was pet-setting. We discovered how tricky it was to balance both work and her personal love life, when her lover's ex-wife came back to him and complicated her relationship. We experienced how deflated she was, when Jeff's ex appeared or called him, out of the blue. She really loved Jeff; and he should be a keeper. As for work, she was in a tough bind, when Ezra Cossner, a new partner in her law firm, was assigned to her. He wasn't easy to get along with, not even his bird Gigi. Things do get dicey, when he was murdered and Jeff was implicated. We saw how torn she was and would do anything to clear his name. Between a tough real estate case and some pet-law depositions, and a new murder, things do get heated up and tough for Kendra to find out who was the murderer, even if she might be the next victim...

I really enjoyed this new cozy that featured pets for a theme. I cared about Kendra and her relationship with Jeff and her law career. I also loved Los Angeles as the central location and setting for this cozy series. This would dealt with pet care and pet setting well for any type of pet owner, when it dealt with pet laws in particular. This would make you cringe for Ezra and root for Kendra to save the day. I've found Gigi was a hoot. Good drama, excellent non-stop action and plenty of intrigue and mystery for this cozy series.

Check out this fine cozy today!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


In Taken, you're taken for a wild ride in Kate Bickford's life. In a blink of an eye, we witness her struggle,  her pain, when her adoptive son's been kidnapped. I felt her torment, when she's a lone widow, missing her late husband. When she shared her backstory through memories of meeting Ted, of marriage and adoption of a baby, and when he was sick, my heart went out to Kate, who raised her son all by herself. She, alone, supported them by starting her own successful catering business. In this fast-paced thriller, we're delved into the mind of her son and the kidnapper. I rooted for Kate throughout this story. With quirky twists and turns, we learn the real motive behind this plan, and how twisted it would've gone. From the first page to the last,  my heart beat accelerated through an adrenalin rush with what Kate had to do to survive and to find her son without giving up. And you would too.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Annie's Song

In Catherine Anderson's Annie's Song,  she told us a beautiful classic historical romance that was set in the 1890s. Annie Trimble had been known as the town moron. When she was raped by Alex's half-brother, he stepped up to the plate, married her, and took responsibility for the baby. Little did he know, he slowly fell in love of her, teaching her the gifts she was taken from her or were never known to her, when he learned she was hearing impaired and helped her to communicate. Their love ran through lots of tests and survived in the end. Beautiful!

This was a truly moving historical romance.  This moved me to tears and cried throughout the entire novel. I began to feel real truly hard feelings for Annie who lived in a hard world, when she can't hear and only communicate by sound and reading lips. In a time period when everything was tough before modern technology, this was about true love that would conquer all. I hated it, when she was raped. But I was proud for Alex who took care of her and did the right thing.  Throughout everything, their love will withstand the hands of time. I loved the backdrop and the time period as well. You would need a Kleenex for this one.

Want to listen to Annie's Song? Bring a tissue and grab a copy today!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Chocolate Mouse Trap

If you love culinary cozies, you'll love the 5th installment in the Chocoholic Mystery series, Joanna Carl's The Chocolate Mouse Trap. Lee McKinney still worked at her family's chocolate shop. When she discovered that someone killed Julie Singletree, a member of her Seventh Food  online group, she became intrigued by Julie's secrets and her family. A little too close for comfort, someone targeted her friends and stole their computers. And before she knew it, she was next on the list, while planning her second marriage.

I loved the Internet connection to this storyline. I also liked Lee and her best friend Lydia were on the next case to solve a mystery that had befallen on their doorstep. It made me sigh, when Lee found new love and a new chance of happiness with Joe. Once again, I became intrigued with the chocolate connection with delicious recipes to try at home. That's a bonus for every culinary cozy, which are fun and easy to read at the same time, with plenty of great suspense, too.

Tempted by a chocolate dose? Indulge into this culinary delight today!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Nowhere to Run

  If you love fast-paced novels, you'll enjoy this one from Mary Jane Clark. Post-9/11, there's been an anthrax scare at Key News in New York. Now, everyone's running scared. Annabelle Murphy has a full plate as medical segment producer, when her husband's recovering from depression from 9/11, raising twins, and now this crisis at work. It's up to her to find out who's responsible for exposing them, when one of their own is dead, and someone's after her and her family.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Murder on the Iditarod Trail

If you love easy reads, you'll enjoy this new series set in Alaska. Picture this: you're a musher in the Iditarod Trail in a cold Alaskan winter, when you encounter three dead mushers on the trail. That's what happened to Jessie Arnold, who wants to win the race and meet Trooper Alex Jensen, who's after the culprit and following the trail. After those three casualties, some accidents happen along the way, as the attraction is mutual between Jessie and Alex. But when the next target might be Jessie, Alex would do anything to find the murderer before she next and finishes the race.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


If you love great thrillers and trilogies, you'll enjoy this one, too, by Iris Johansen. Eve picked up, where Chasing the Night left off with, when Catherine dropped the bombshell to Eve on a possible name for the killer of her daughter, Bonnie. It brought her back to the past memories of when she met John Gallo and how Bonnie was conceived. Now he came back into her life, when there became on the hunt for answers of who killed her, when she didn't know if he told the truth or not. There was a shocking twist to the end of Eve, that leads to Quinn and later Bonnie in the trilogy. What a rush!

This was an explosive Eve Duncan thriller told from Eve's POV. In this trilogy, we  really do feel for Eve and what she went through, when she was pregnant with Bonnie; and years later, when she went through the same pain when Bonnie went missing and later was presumed dead. We do get to see inside her psyche and the sparking connection she had with Joe Quinn. My heart was in my stomach for the entire time in this gripping novel than ever before. I also felt that connection with Joe and with Eve's mother. I didn't care for much on John Gallo. But I do love Jane, her adoptive daughter.  I also loved the Georgia connection as well.

Ready to go back in time to where it all begin? Check it out now!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Meet Claire Webster. On the day she gave birth to her daughter Kate, her husband tells her, he's leaving her. Now, what's Claire left to do? She goes home to Dublin to be with her family and take care of Kate, her newborn daughter.  From there, she feels better and takes charge of her life, and meets Adam, someone who makes her feel special and loved. When her husband returns and wants her back, she has a surprise of him. She doesn't believe in his lies and moves on. And she might get a surprise of her own. Tons of emotions in this story with tons of humor, if you love romantic comedies. I could see this as a movie someday. Kristen from OH