Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Chocolate Mouse Trap

If you love culinary cozies, you'll love the 5th installment in the Chocoholic Mystery series, Joanna Carl's The Chocolate Mouse Trap. Lee McKinney still worked at her family's chocolate shop. When she discovered that someone killed Julie Singletree, a member of her Seventh Food  online group, she became intrigued by Julie's secrets and her family. A little too close for comfort, someone targeted her friends and stole their computers. And before she knew it, she was next on the list, while planning her second marriage.

I loved the Internet connection to this storyline. I also liked Lee and her best friend Lydia were on the next case to solve a mystery that had befallen on their doorstep. It made me sigh, when Lee found new love and a new chance of happiness with Joe. Once again, I became intrigued with the chocolate connection with delicious recipes to try at home. That's a bonus for every culinary cozy, which are fun and easy to read at the same time, with plenty of great suspense, too.

Tempted by a chocolate dose? Indulge into this culinary delight today!

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