Sunday, April 15, 2012

Annie's Song

In Catherine Anderson's Annie's Song,  she told us a beautiful classic historical romance that was set in the 1890s. Annie Trimble had been known as the town moron. When she was raped by Alex's half-brother, he stepped up to the plate, married her, and took responsibility for the baby. Little did he know, he slowly fell in love of her, teaching her the gifts she was taken from her or were never known to her, when he learned she was hearing impaired and helped her to communicate. Their love ran through lots of tests and survived in the end. Beautiful!

This was a truly moving historical romance.  This moved me to tears and cried throughout the entire novel. I began to feel real truly hard feelings for Annie who lived in a hard world, when she can't hear and only communicate by sound and reading lips. In a time period when everything was tough before modern technology, this was about true love that would conquer all. I hated it, when she was raped. But I was proud for Alex who took care of her and did the right thing.  Throughout everything, their love will withstand the hands of time. I loved the backdrop and the time period as well. You would need a Kleenex for this one.

Want to listen to Annie's Song? Bring a tissue and grab a copy today!


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