Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To Pleasure a Lady

If you love red hot romances, you'll enjoy Nicole Jordan's To Pleasure a Lady, the first installment in the Courtship Wars series. We really get thrown into the world of Regency England and a two-week tempting bid from one dashing man. When you read this book, you really can feel the heartbreak that Arabella and her two sisters, Roslyn and Lilian, experienced, when scandal was tantamount in 18th century England. But we can sense the anger they had for their mother who abandoned them, and the ridiculous rule their step-uncle surmounted on them. Nonetheless, we were introduced to Marcus Pierce, their new guardian, who had a mission of his own to woo Arabella Loring. We could see the heat between Belle and Marcus, the temptation to experience love and sex, the matching of wits between them, when they knew, they've met their match and belonged together. In the end, we do get pleasure and sensuality between Arabella and Marcus. Ladies, fan yourself!

This was a tempting historical romance to read and enjoy.  I cared about Arabella and her two sisters and despised their mother and their step-uncle. I thought Marcus was dashing and handsome in a curious way. I loved the 18th century England location and the lovely London settings for this novels. This would make you want to read it right to the end and fan yourself with the book, too. This would keep you hooked and wanting to read more in the 6-book series, too. Great drama, plenty of heart-stopping action and intrigue and romance along the way.

Check this out today!

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