Saturday, October 28, 2017

Crash and Burn

In Lisa Gardner's Crash and Burn, the third installment in the Tessa Leoni thriller series, this novel will leave you feeling chilled and numb all over. It all started with Nicole Frank's car accident, when she suffers from post-concussive syndrome and cries out for someone named Vero. When Sargeant Wyatt Foster questions her husband about the crash,  they learn she doesn't have a daughter. And that perplexes him with a complex puzzle of his own. Tormenting about the ghostly memories of her past, her husband Thomas tries to keep their secrets safe in their New Hampshire town.  But when parts of the truth come out from her fragile mind, Wyatt has more questions than answers for them and asks his girlfriend Tessa Leoni to help them out with this case. And when Nicole claims to be "Vero", a missing child for over thirty years, she searches for secrets of the past before it had caught up to her real fast. And there wherein lies the truth of what she knows and what truths should be remained buried, when a mind is a terrible thing to waste... if it proves to be deadly to remember where it all started.

This was a bone-cold chilling thriller to read on a cold night. I instantly cared for Nicole Frank and her sobering story. I hated for her to go through that turbulent road to remember, even if she's been concussed a few times. I'm glad she could post those ghosts of the past to rest.  I've found both Tessa and Wyatt an enjoyable couple in more ways than one. I did become suspicious of Thomas's erratic behavior and how he came to her rescue. I did enjoy the idyllic New Hampshire background for the locations and the vibrant settings from start to finish. This would give you an adrenaline rush, leave you feeling cold all over with, and form goosebumps on your skin with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and tons of intrigue along the way.

Who will be there for you when you crash and burn?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Angel's Tip

In Alafair Burke's Angel's Tip, the second installment in the Ellie Hatcher mystery series, you'll be thrusted into an intense fast-paced high-octane thriller that would chill you to the core. It all started for Ellie Hatcher, when she went jogging with her brother Jess, and were the first ones on the scene to discover a grisly dead body of a college girl named Chelsea Hart. Newly assigned to her partner JJ Rogan, they worked together to identify her and build a case of suspects. Although her boss Lt. Dan Eckels is giving her a hard time at the police department, her relationship to journalist Peter Morse starts to fizzle and unravel. Meanwhile, a prowler is on the loose and keeping an eye out for his own news headlines and moves in for his next victim. When they think they've got it made with preppies like Jake Myers and Nick Warden, who are suspicious for giving her drugs like meth. As soon as they've got a break, someone phoned an anonymous tip with a cold case connection that her former partner Flann McIlroy was on before he was killed. Ellie follows the trail and connects the dots to see some common pattern by the time the killer finds his next mark. As Ellie puts the pieces together, she realized a shocking connecton that she could be next, when the killer isn't what or who she suspected it to be in the end.

This was another gripping mystery in the Ellie Hatcher series. I cared for Ellie and Jess and made an instant connection with them. I did think Peter was okay and maybe a bit borderline creepy, while Max may be a better match with her. I did feel sorry for Rachel, as I have found JJ a real likeable character, too.  I did like the nitty-gritty NYC locations and the compelling scenic scenery from the clubs to the NYPD station. This would make you feel cold all over and keep you hooked with every intriguing page with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and lots of mystery to make you want you read more.

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Design is Murder

In Jean Harrington's The Design is Murder, the 5th installment in the Murders by Design cozy mystery series, this gripping tale about secrets and lies would have you shaking your head. For Devalera "Deva" Dunne, an interior designer in Naples, Florida, she had gotten more than she bargained for, when she took out two projects from two clients who live across the street on Whiskey Lane. First, she handled the Hawkins household, when she discovered a loose python, and then uncovered Connie Rae's dead body. Although Stew Hawkins had a past of domestic violence, Deva had thought otherwise. While she planned her wedding to Detective Victor Rossi and build a new home with him, Rossi had his own druthers and placed his under suspicion. Then, when she worked for James Stahlman, she learned that Hawkins's ex-wife is now his fianceƩ and is wary of him wanting him back. But like Stew, he had a secret of his own, too. His wife Marilyn had supposedly turned up alive, when he was under suspicion for her murder. And when she returned, she wanted vengence and her money back to start a new life. But when Kay Hawkins had turned up dead in the swimming pool, it had turned Deva's world upside down, when both neighbors had lost their loved one. While it was up to Deva to find out who had done and look for clues on the culprit, before it might be too late for her, too.

This was a very good new cozy mystery for me. I've learned a lot about interior design and how they work on a project (or two) with the insightful knowledge of the career. I did enjoy Deva (love her name) and how she operated out of her own shop in Naples, Florida. I've found Victor a charming man and possibly her perfect love match. I've loved the Naples location compelling and mesmerizing with rich descriptions for the scenic settings that made it pop on the page. This would make you bit your lip, take a deep breath, swoon, sigh, and groan with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense along the way.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Church Ladies

In Lisa Samson's The Church Ladies, this Christian inspirational fiction novel would make you believe in God and feel God's presence, inside and outside of the church. Penelope "Poppy" Fraser is one of the newest church ladies for Highland Oak Church in Mount Oak, Baltimore. She's also a mother of three and a pastor's wife in the community But while she was a lot to learn, she has a terrible secret that could destroy her family. Her oldest daughter Paisley is distant from her and had moved away. While she had a lot going on in her family, her best friend and cousin-in-law Christine Knight, had learned her son was killed by an accident at college. Shocked to hear the sad news, she did what she could do to help her family get through this and pray with other church ladies for her to get stronger.  It had brought the community and the other church together to put their differences together. As Poppy waffled on her indecision and her faith in God, she relies on her latest friends to also help her get through her darkest secret. While she and Christine discovered what went behind the scenes of the accident, they banded together to create a fundraiser for a scholarship in her nephew's name. She also had learned about forgiveness and reconciliation from the Grace of God and so much more.

This was a heart-wrenching and beautiful Christian fiction novel about faith and forgiveness, life and death, and how to count on God to help you through the darkest days. I instantly cared for Poppy and Christine and how they've gotten through a rough patch in their lives. I did think Miss Mildred and Charmaine were a hoot. I loved the church community in Baltimore and how they came together. This really made me laugh and cry, pray and sigh, and believe in our Lord savior each and every day. This would make you want to read the Bible and pray by feeling light-hearted and in peace. This has drama, some action, and a lot of inspiration with suspense built inside.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Traitor in Her Arms

In Shana Galen's Traitor in Her Arms, the first installment in the Scarlet Chronicles historical romance series, this novel would sweep you off your feet into a love story that's filled with romance and lots of danger. For Lady Gabrielle McCullough, a widow who has to pay her late husband's gambling debts to his debtors. The only way she can make ends meets is to go to the Beaumont Ball and steal the Cleopatra's necklace.  That's when she hit a snag and met her late husband's best friend, Ramsey Barnes, Lord Sedgwick, who she had belated feelings for him in the longest time. They're both after the same necklace, when he had purloined it from him. When she received a missive from the Scarlet Pimpernel to rescue two people from the damned in Paris and to steal another necklace, she had no other choice but to risk her life and neck. For Ramsey Barnes, he was on his own solo mission in Paris, when he has a close-kept secret to himself about his true identity. That's when the sparks fly, when he would help her in Paris and protect her at all costs. Caught up in the moment, they sought shelter with Alex Martin an actress, who helped them out with this daring plan. But when they had to pretend to be lovers, it almost became real for them. Later, after they managed to steal the prized jewel, their feelings for each other were profound. And when Gabrielle was arrested, it was up to Ramsey to save her neck and put his life--and--his heart on the line in a pitch perfect climax in the end.

This was a fantastic and compelling, but daring historical romance novel. It had everything you can ask for in a historical romance and so much more. I cared about Gabrielle and her plight, while I thought Ramsey was a bit amusing and a risk-taker to boot. I loved how they worked together, while they had a love/hate relationship with a hot and steamy passion for each other. I liked how the Scarlet Pimpernel had remained so mysterious and dangerous at the same time without revealing who he really was to others. I loved the dual locations of London and Paris during the French Revolutionary War. This would leave you at the edge of your seat and make you begging for more with non-stop action, drama, passionate romance, and lots of intrigue to keep reading to the last page.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Death is Forever

In Elizabeth Lowell's Death is Forever, this romantic suspense would tantlize you like diamonds in the rough in a diamond mine. Erin Shane Windsor is a well-known nature photographer, and also the heir of Abe Windsor. When she had received a book deal of a lifetime to document the diamond tiger, she wondered what was the catch. And that's when she met Cole Blackburn, a prospector for BlackWing Limited out in Australia, to protect her and help her find this so-called mine in the Australian outback. Although skeptical, he came part of the packaged deal and to keep her safe from others who wanted the precious diamonds for themselves. Together, there was instant chemistry between them as they tried to solve the doggerel puzzle and look for clues. Besides the humid heat of the dry season and having their means of transportation being sabotaged, they have each other to survive the climate and discover newfound feelings for each other that sparked a fire between them. After they hit their own pay dirt, they had to fight for their lives in a cave and deal with the people who were after them in a fight of survival of the fittest.

This was a fantastic and gripping romantic suspense. I've learned a lot about diamond prospecting and about handling the Australian outback. I cared for Erin and for love to look for a rare gem and her love for her photography. I've found Cole was a charming and rugged character who I had taken awhile to get used to. The locations in Australia and parts of the USA were vibrant, colorful, and picturesque for the dual settings. It made it popped and come to life on the page. This would make you swoon, sigh, gasp, hold your breath and take you on a wild ride from start to finish with non-stop action, drama, fiery romance, and plenty of intrigue on every page.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Racing on a Wire

In Inge Moore's Racing on a Wire, this captivating woman's fiction deals with matters of the heart and finding where you belong. Meet Lucky, she's a young Muslin teenage girl who's been wanting a family to take her in and make her their own. She finally finding it in Solana as her adoptive mother, but that's when her dream had turned into a nightmare. Her foster father had taken adventure of her and had committed incest. This has forced her to take drastic action and run away far from home. That's when she worked on the race track and helped the jockeys with the horses. She had made new riend especially a dwarf named Robbie, who showed her the way. When she learns she's pregnant, she tries to commit her suicide and lands in the hospital. While she heals from her wound, she decided on what to do with this unwanted pregnancy and creates a fantasy for her, while she flashes back to when she was known as Virginia Seewell, before this incident had happened. Slowly, she builds a relationship with Robbie and tries to forgive her foster father. But when she returns home to make amends, she learns nothing's all what it seams to be with a heart-breaking decision in the end.

This was a compelling novel that deals with so many heart-wrenching topics from adoption to rape/incest and finding love and a belonging. I cared for Lucky and how she found her way from becoming a young woman by making a name for herself. I did like diverse the story was with having Lucky as a Muslim girl in Canada to Robbie as being vertically challenged, when they find their way to each other as an unlikely couple. I didn't like Solana and Abu at all. I did like the intriguing and picturesque locations and vibrant settings in Canada from the race track and beyond. I did like the horse names too. This would pull your heart-strings real taut and make you cry. This has drama, non-stop action, suspense and a hint of romance.

Will you be watching the horses race in Racing on a Wire today?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hush Money

In T.E. Woods's Hush Money, the first installment in the Hush Money mystery series, this debut would take you into the nitty-gritty world of cutthroat politics. Sydney Richardson is the proud owner of two restauants, Hush Money and Ten-Ten. At the night of the grand opening, it became a hit became the Madison crowd, except for the Mayor's wife who made a scene. And someone had killed Mayor Millerman on the same night. When Sydney's server and friend Wanda "Windy" Fields is found concussed with blood on her hands, she became the prime suspect of the Mayor's murder. As Sydney took care of business with a world-renowned chef, it was up to Sydney to help her friend out and hire Andrew Conyer to represent her.  While the evidence looked grim in Windy's favor of guilt, she did her best to put together the pieces of who wanted to kill the mayor, she learned more secrets of dirty politics on what he may be loved in Madison, some people had an ax to grind with him. She had growing feelings for Clay Hawthorne, a  pub that houses jazz music, and became curious on the identity of her birth parents. When they had gotten closer to the truth of the mayor's dirty secrets, things got dicey when someone shot at her and at her best friend Veronica. As Sydney put things together, she couldn't believe who was it all along and right under her nose with a twisted ending.

This was a great debut from T.E. Woods. I instally cared for Sydney and how she managed to handle two restaurants and to take care of a crisis on her doorstep. I did think her mother and Veronica were a hoot, while I did think Roland was a bit hot-headed like Gordon Ramsey. I did like her with laid-back Clay, though I can see a possible love triangle between them and Rick, the K-9 cop. I did love the vivid locations of the Madison scene with gripping scenes from the restaurants to Sydney's home. This fast-paced paced turner will make you shake your head, grimace and groan, gasp and sigh at every twisted turn. This has non-stop action, suspense, intrigue, and a dollop of romance.

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