Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Homecoming

In JoAnn Ross's The Homecoming, the first installment in the Shelter Bay romantic suspense series, this novel would move you to tears and tug your heart. For Sax Douchett, this Cajun former Navy SEAL came home from the war with the ghosts of his past. He didn't plan on going to his homecoming parade, when he met his former flame and brother's best friend's widow, Kara Conway, a widow with a son, and the sheriff of her small town. When he uncovered a skull on the beach with his dog Velcro, that's what started it all for them to uncover the truth and rekindle old feelings. For Kara, she still mourned the loss of her husband and lived with her mother, who decided to find love with her senior deputies. Between Sax and Kara, it started as friends and blossomed into something else entirely between them, when they solved two cold cases together with a connection between them all with a sweet ending.

This was a lovely and tender romantic suspense novel. I really cared about Kara and Trey, Faith, and Sax. I loved the cold case connection to the novel to bring closure in the end. Shelter Bay sounded so idealistic and heavenly to be by the coastline for a small town as the perfect setting and location. This would make you heart swell with pride and swoon for a guy like Sax to have as your own. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue with non-stop action, mystery and plenty of romance all around.

Will you have your own homecoming? If so, check it out this weekend!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Every Move She Makes

In Jannine Gallant's Every Move She Makes, the first installment in the Who's Watching Now romantic suspense series, this debut novel had the markings of a success on her hands. For Grace Hanover, a reporter who would do everything for a story, she traveled to Moose Flat, Alaska for covering a story. For Travis Barnett, her bodyguard to watch over her and going for the same story, he met her there. Between the two of them, they've both had been burned in their relationships and sparks flew between them, though they're from two different cities. When an assassin targets Grace, Travis would do everything to protect her, while he was falling in love for her. As for Grace, she would discover who followed her every move and learned that it was nothing more than for revenge in the end. Later, Travis and Grace have found out they were meant for each other.

This was an excellent romantic suspense debut from Jannine Gallant. I really cared about Grace, when she experienced guilt about her former boyfriend's suicidal death. I really loved Travis with her, when they met and came together. Mason/Archer, I didn't like too much. He gave me the creeps. But I loved Grace's family, too. I love the trifecta of Alaska, Seattle and San Francisco for the locations and the settings in this novel. This made me intrigued and curious to read more on how they've turned out. Great suspense, intrigue, suspense, romance and tons of mystery.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blood Memory

In Greg Iles's Blood Memory, the 5th installment of the Mississippi thriller series, Greg Iles thrilled us and chilled us with some horrific elements in this novel. For Cat Ferry, a forensic odontologist, she had a panic attack at a crime scene, when a serial killer had targeted a male with bite marks. That had taken her back to time to her past, and back to her home in Natchez Mississippi, when she experienced the haunted memory of her father's murder. From there, she pieced together on the past and how a serial killer wanted to speak to her. With her life on her line, she learned the dangerous truth about her hidden family secrets and what made her what she is today on shaky ground, with some damning and shocking consequences to shock her all in the end.

This was a mind-blowing and compelling thriller from Greg Iles. This would completely blow your mind and chill you to your core. I cared about Cat and Sean's relationship and didn't like her grandfather and Billy Neal. Malik creeped me out to some extent. I loved the dual locations of Natchez and New Orleans, though De Salle Island was something else altogether, like a family filled of secrets. This continued to reel me in like a big fish and had me hooked and enthralled on every single page. Great drama with plenty of non-stop action, suspense, mystery and intrigue, all wrapped up into this package.

Will you encounter your own blood memory today? If so, check it out!

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Farewell to Yarns

In Jill Churchill's A Farewell to Yarns, the 2nd installment in the Jane Jeffry series, this cozy would send you chills for sure. It was Christmas time in Chicago, when Jane's long-time friend Phyllis Wagner surprised her with her visit and her adopted teenage son. While Phyllis and Jane had gotten reacquainted with her to help out with the bazaar, things turned dark and deadly, when Phyllis was murdered in the house she rented. Shocked, Jane couldn't believe it, when she was reunited with Mel Van Dyne, the CPD detective, to help her figure out her murder... when all eyes turned to her son.... who later suffered the same fate, later that week. Now while she tried to put the grief behind her to raise her family, she made a shocking discovery that would flip anyone's wig and brought her closer to the truth and become the next one murdered.

This was a perfect Christmas cozy mystery to read, even if it's not Christmas. I continued to care for Jane and her family, while she was still grieving the loss of her husband and being a single mother to her three kids. I loved the Christmas theme for this caper and the settings in Chicago for the location. Although I liked Phyllis and couldn't stand Bobby, I thought the Howards were a bit off to say the least. This would hook you in the first couple of pages and chapters and bring out the Christmas spirit for everyone to be merry and bright. Great drama, good suspense with non-stop action, intrigue and a seasonal mystery to boot.

Will you say farewell to yarns? If so, check it out today!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fruit of All Evil

In Paige Shelton's Fruit of All Evil, the 2nd installment in the Farmer's Market Mystery series, this one would send you goosebumps and break you in a cold sweat. Becca Robins was back to solve another crime, when it hit close at home. As "Number One" for her fellow vendor friend Linda, she helped set up a surprise wedding for her, before her fiancé has to go overseas in the military. But stop the press, after Madeline Forsyth had arranged for everyone to meet in an impromptu dinner party, she was late to the party... because she was murdered in her own home. Now it was up to Becca to find out who done it and why, when she examined everyone who feared Madeline and learned some shocking twisted truths at the bank and from Drew's own family. Before she knew, she learned who had done it and why, before it was too late for her.

This was another intriguing culinary cozy from Paige Shelton. I'm really enjoying the Farmer's Market mystery series. I do care about Ian and Becca as a couple, though I do see a love triangle happening between Ian, Becca and Sam. I didn't like Drew's cousins one bit, except for Sally, since they all creeped me out for one reason or another. I do like the farmer's market series set in South Carolina for the scenic locations for the settings. This would  make you drop your jaw and leave you rendered speechless in the end. Great drama, good non-stop action with delicious recipes to do at home, intrigue and plenty of mystery.

Give Fruit of all Evil a try this week!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

That Chesapeake Summer

In Mariah Stewart's That Chesapeake Summer, the 9th installment in the Chesapeake Diaries Woman's fiction series, she told us a beautiful heart-warming story that warmed your heart about second chances. For Jamie Valentine, a best-selling self-help author, she recently lost her mother. While going through her mother's stuff, she learned a shocking truth about her birth--she was adopted--which lead her to wonder about her birth parents and a soul-seeking trip to St. Dennis, Maryland, along the Chesapeake Bay. While on her trip, she  met Dan Sinclair, a widower with two teen kids, in which she fell in love and discovered who was her birth mother with a happy ending and finding a new home of her own.

This was such a beautiful and well-written contemporary romance/woman's fiction about second chances and finding your new home. I adored Jamie and had experienced the same thing she did--losing our mothers--which hit us hard. I also liked Dan and his family and despised Curtis Enright about his meanness. I loved the simple small town of St. Dennis along the Chesapeake Bay coastline in Maryland and the tri-state area of New Jersey/Pennsylvania. This novel pulled on my heart strings real tight and never let it go, when it made me laugh and cry at the same time. Fantastic novel with great romance, non-stop action and plenty of intrigue, suspense and a hint of humor.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Heat Wave

If you're a fan of ABC's Castle TV series for seven years, you'll enjoy Richard Castle's Heat Wave, the first installment in the Nikki Heat mystery series. For Jamison Rook, a journalist who's done an article on NYPD Detective, Nikki Heat. For them, sparks fly between them, when there's a heatwave in New York with a blackout, when a real estate tycoon had plunged to his death. And everyone who knew him was a suspect--his younger wife, his son's nanny, and so on. It was up to Nikki and the NYPD to figure it all out on whodunnit and why, when it comes to gangsters, murder and art theft, all wrapped up in one captivating package with an explosive ending.

This was a great mystery series debut for the character of Nikki Heat, since I haven't read anything from the Derek Storm series yet. I really liked Jamison and Nikki and how they were so compatible, when they worked behind the scenes and have great chemistry together. I loved the NYC location for the central theme and settings for the police and around the area. This would pull you in and root for Heat and Rook together and make you love the rest of the series as well. Great drama with excellent non-stop action, explosive chemistry for romance, and tons of intrigue and mystery.

Will you experience a heat wave of your own? If so, check it out and Castle's 8th season this fall!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Silent Creed

In Alex Kava's Silent Creed, the 2nd installment in the Ryder Creed search and rescue series, she had taken us into the dark world of search and rescue and what lies beneath the surface of evil men. When Ryder was sent on a dangerous mission to rescue buried people from a landslide with his dog, BOLO. As she had gotten closer to know the man behind the mission, he became entangled and snarled into a landslide, when he was buried alive. As they uncovered the truth in the autopsies, that's when FBI Agent Maggie O'Dell arrived in North Carolina and encountered someone from her past. Together, they needed to shed some light into this dark matter of stolen vials and the person behind the madness to stay silent.

This was a fantastic spin-off thriller series from Alex Kava. I cared about Ryder and his SAR dogs. I also cared about Maggie and her concerns about Gwen's breast cancer battle. I love the hidden dark world of mad science and search and rescue in North Carolina for the location with gorgeous scenic settings. This would make you gasp and remain rendered speechless on this wild ride in this thriller. Great drama, excellent suspense, intrigue and non-stop action.

Will you check out Silent Creed on 7/28/15? If so, pre-order it now!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Treasure to Die For

In Radine Nehring's A Treasure to Die For,  the third installment in the Something to Die for cozy series, Carrie McCrite and Henry King comes to terms to their relationship and got caught up in a tangled up mess of a crime to solve. When Carrie and Henry went to an elderhostel in Hot Springs, they've gotten more than they bargained for in this vacation of theirs. They kept an eye on a man in black and observed some suspicious characters, which lead them to an injured park ranger, and the both of them getting hurt. They've discovered a dead body, and while they realized that they loved each other, they both gotten hurt by some people they've met, which all led them back to something happening years ago with a money raid. With help from Eleanor and Jason and the law enforcement, they helped snagged the bad guys in the end.

This was a great continuation of the Something to Die For, though I've skipped and missed the 2nd book I would have to read another time. I cared about Carrie and Henry and glad that they loved each other to take it to the next level, too. I loved the elderhostel for the main location and the scenic settings in Hot Springs, Arkansas for the series. I liked Jason and Ellie and had remained uncertain about the others in the big picture. This has plenty of great drama, good tension for the non-stop action, intrigue with a hint of romance. This would take you on a great trip to the southwest with a mixed bag of emotions,

Will you find a treasure to die for? If so, check it out today!