Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Treasure to Die For

In Radine Nehring's A Treasure to Die For,  the third installment in the Something to Die for cozy series, Carrie McCrite and Henry King comes to terms to their relationship and got caught up in a tangled up mess of a crime to solve. When Carrie and Henry went to an elderhostel in Hot Springs, they've gotten more than they bargained for in this vacation of theirs. They kept an eye on a man in black and observed some suspicious characters, which lead them to an injured park ranger, and the both of them getting hurt. They've discovered a dead body, and while they realized that they loved each other, they both gotten hurt by some people they've met, which all led them back to something happening years ago with a money raid. With help from Eleanor and Jason and the law enforcement, they helped snagged the bad guys in the end.

This was a great continuation of the Something to Die For, though I've skipped and missed the 2nd book I would have to read another time. I cared about Carrie and Henry and glad that they loved each other to take it to the next level, too. I loved the elderhostel for the main location and the scenic settings in Hot Springs, Arkansas for the series. I liked Jason and Ellie and had remained uncertain about the others in the big picture. This has plenty of great drama, good tension for the non-stop action, intrigue with a hint of romance. This would take you on a great trip to the southwest with a mixed bag of emotions,

Will you find a treasure to die for? If so, check it out today!

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