Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fruit of All Evil

In Paige Shelton's Fruit of All Evil, the 2nd installment in the Farmer's Market Mystery series, this one would send you goosebumps and break you in a cold sweat. Becca Robins was back to solve another crime, when it hit close at home. As "Number One" for her fellow vendor friend Linda, she helped set up a surprise wedding for her, before her fiancé has to go overseas in the military. But stop the press, after Madeline Forsyth had arranged for everyone to meet in an impromptu dinner party, she was late to the party... because she was murdered in her own home. Now it was up to Becca to find out who done it and why, when she examined everyone who feared Madeline and learned some shocking twisted truths at the bank and from Drew's own family. Before she knew, she learned who had done it and why, before it was too late for her.

This was another intriguing culinary cozy from Paige Shelton. I'm really enjoying the Farmer's Market mystery series. I do care about Ian and Becca as a couple, though I do see a love triangle happening between Ian, Becca and Sam. I didn't like Drew's cousins one bit, except for Sally, since they all creeped me out for one reason or another. I do like the farmer's market series set in South Carolina for the scenic locations for the settings. This would  make you drop your jaw and leave you rendered speechless in the end. Great drama, good non-stop action with delicious recipes to do at home, intrigue and plenty of mystery.

Give Fruit of all Evil a try this week!

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