Thursday, December 31, 2015

Waiting for Summer's Return

In Kim Vogel Sawyer's Waiting for Summer's Return, the first installment of the Heart of the Prairie Christian romance series, this novel would touch your heart from start to finish. For Summer Steadman, she had lost everything in Gaeddert Kansas--her family had gotten sick from typhoid fever and perished in the fire. As a widow, she had lost faith in God and wanted to die, too, since she was all alone. For Peter Ollenberger, a Mennonite widower who needs someone to teach his son Thomas, while he was injured from a fall. That's when a deal had compromised between them. She would stay in his shariah and care for his son. For the two of them, they had gotten to know each other better as she became to trust in God and became his friends, while they were some nay-sayers who didn't want her there, since she was a non-Mennonite. Through prayers and newfound faith in the church of God, throughout the winter season, things turned around. Slowly, while their mended and broken hearts have healed, they became to love each other and start a new life together.

This was a beautiful Christian romance series. I really loved it. It's so enchanting and moving about putting your faith in God and getting a second chance. I cared for Summer and her plight and for Peter and Thomas who had something they need in return. The Mennonite community in Gaeddert was picturesque and beautiful with the descriptions of how they lived. This would capture your heart and pull on the heart strings with romance, non-stop action, drama and intrigue. This would be a timeless classic within the hands of time.

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In Cynthia Riggs's Touch-Me-Not, the 9th installment in the Martha's Vineyard Mystery series, you'll be enchanted and intrigued into this fast-paced mystery. For 92-year-old Police Deputy Victoria Trumbull, there was nothing she couldn't do. While she loved gardening her flowers on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard, she loved having her granddaughter in her home. But first, she dealt with a electrical outlet in her inn and then having to solve two connected murders. LeRoy Watts had a terrible secret he didn't want anyone to find out, when Jerry Sparks, a former employee with a drug problem, had discovered it and blackmailed him. From there, Jerry Sparks had ended up dead, and later on, during the mathematical quilting group, there's talk about stalkers and prank callers on the phone line. When his secret became uncovered, someone went after LeRoy Watts and killed him. For Victoria and Casey, they had to deal with true gruesome murders and find the connection between the two of them. Before she knew it, she would be next to discover who done it and why.

This was a delightful quick read for this mystery. You've got to love Victoria, when we rarely have senior citizen female lead characters take center stage. I've found her charming and delightful at once. Though I did felt her daughter Amelia was a bit overbearing and protective, Jerry and LeRoy were both creeps in my book. I've loved the characters, learned about the touch-me-not flowers and mathematical quilting group. I loved the Martha Vineyard island for an enchanted location and beautiful location to set this series. Get ready for a wild ride with drama, non-stop action, mystery and intrigue in this delightful book.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die

In Edith Maxwell's A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die, the first installment in the Local Foods Cozy Mystery series, we were introduced to the world of local farmings and the customer-supported agriculture (CSA) movement. For local farmer Cameron "Cam" Flaherty, she's just starting up her local farming business at her great-uncle Albert's farm. First she dealt with Mike Montgomery, who she had to let go. And then one of her local volunteers was arrested. It was up to Cam to figure out who's sabotaging her farm and who killed Mike, while she set up a website for her growing business. With close ties to her childhood friend, Detective Ruth Dodge, she discovered who wanted to run things for her and tried to get away with murder, when she discovered who really done it and why.

This was an enjoyable cozy series debut featuring the local foods of CSA farming. I cared about Cam and her newfound farming business and her share volunteers. I've found Ellie adorable and despised Bev, Stuart as obnoxious. I loved how we've learned about the CSA and how it could be good for the environment with fresh produce--even fish! I loved the urban settings for the locations in Massachusetts. This would make you want to sink your teeth into a good read and dig  in with drama, non-stop action, suspense and a hint of romance and mystery.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Eye for Murder

In Libby Fischer Hellman's An Eye for Murder, the first installment for the Ellie Foreman mystery series, she had combined historical fiction into this mystery debut. It all started for Ellie, a single mother with a daughter, when a lady sent her a letter out of the blue about her neighbor. From there, she discovered the identity of this man and discovered a death or two. That had sent Ellie on a wild ride to go back into time to WWII and locate the connection between the past and present. Unfurled into a high-powered political campaign, she was stuck into the heart of it, when there was attacks on her loved ones and close to her, leaving her life in peril. With her ex-husband's financial troubles and on the lam, she discovered love with a man that's connected to the case who traced his own family roots. She couldn't believe who was all behind it all and why the madness in the end with a surprise twist.

This was a spectacular mystery debut with a historical fiction slanted twist to the storyline. I loved the settings of past and present day Chicago and the politics as the main focus. I cared about Ellie and Rachel and didn't know what was up with Barry or the Iversons. I liked how it all came together in the end. This would propel you to the past with the link to the present future with a heated array of emotions with drama, non-stop action, mystery and intrigue in the end.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Summer In Napa

 In Marina Adair's Summer in Napa, the second installment in the St. Helena Vineyard contemporary romance series, she tantalized us with a delicious treat in this contemporary romance. After a brutal divorce, Alexis "Lexi" Moreau fled from New York to return to her hometown of St. Helena, California, to start over. She decided to start from scratch to help her grandmother run her shop and have her own bistro. And that's when she ran into Marco "Marc" DeLuca, the best friend of her ex-husband. From there, they stirred up a friendship that blossomed into a fake romance, when they had eyes for each other. For Marc, he always wanted Lexi and had gotten himself into a mess with signing a deal with him. Their fauxmance had heated up into a romance, when secrets and lies came out into the open with a surprising twist in the end when justice will be served on a cold platter.

This was a hot and steamy romance with a culinary twist that would delight and scintillate your taste buds. I cared for Lexi and Marc and thought her ex was a douche bag in more ways than one. I loved how they romance had grew into something more than just for show. Those culinary treats were yummy to read about. The St. Helena location was idyllic and divine for Lexi to return home and belong there. This would reel you in like a barracuda and take you through a wild ride for this heated romance to steam up your windows.

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Playing for Pizza

In John Grisham's Playing for Pizza, he took a break from his smashing legal thrillers and told us a compelling literary thriller. For Rick Dockery, after a bad play that cost the Cleveland Browns the play-offs and landed in the hospital, he became known as the "Goat" in sports reporters. The town hated him, no team in the NFL wanted him on the sports roster. And that's when his agent Arnie devised a plan for him to play for an Italian football team, until he waited for the dust to settle. When Rick arrived in Italy, he learned about love, life and the Italian culture, and how they played football. And when it came to staying with the team or leaving, he stuck to his guns and found a new home, when it was safe for him there.

This was a fascinating read to learn how football is played in Italy. You really learned about the Italian culture there from the architecture to the history behind it from Parma to Rome. I cared about Rick and how he came a comeback of his own with the Parma Panthers. I didn't like Cray one bit. He wouldn't leave him alone, when he kept hounding him for a story. You'll get pulled into a story like this from start to finish to make this one of John Grisham's finest literary fiction thrillers in a long time with drama, action, some romance and a hint of mystery attached to it.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Line of Scrimmage

In Desiree Holt's Line of Scrimmage, the 2nd installment in the Game On contemporary sports romance novella, we were introduced to the world of football and a perfect love match. For Erin Bass, she had an one-night stand with NFL quarterback, Jake Russell, which was a bad mistake on her part. For Jake Russell, after one bad tackle in the game, he suffered a serious brake in his left leg. With his sister Ivy's witty matchmaking to pair them together and give Erin a job while Jake's recovering, they came to terms to work together.  Jake had to deal with life after football,  and Erin had sworn off football players from a devastating heartbreak with a ruthless football jock. Together they've gotten through those bumps in the road to come together as a couple in love.

This was a crazy sexy and hot contemporary sports romance novel. This one had all the right moves that deal with life with NFL for this couple. I thought Ivy was a hoot and Erin and Jake seemed like a perfect pair together. I loved the sports theme of football as the central theme, when Texas was spot on for the location and settings. This would make you cheer and root for this hot couple who fell in love with drama, romance, intrigue and a hint of action.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Yarned and Dangerous

In Sadie Hartwell's Yarned and Dangerous, the first installment in the Tangled Web mystery crafty  cozy series, we were introduced to the small cozy town of Dorset Falls, Connecticut. For fashion designer Josie Blair, she helped take care of her great-uncle Eben and close her great-aunt's shop after she passed away. From there, she ran into some mean-spirited people like her ex-boyfriend and his mother from hell. At first, while she took care of the inventory, she discovered a dead body in her yarn shop and became tangled and unraveled into a scheme to sell the lot. She befriended her great-uncle's foe's grandson Mitch Woodruff and sparks flew between them. For Josie and her new friends, it was up to put together the mystery on whodunit and why, because they were next to go.

This was a charming and delightful crafty cozy series debut. I thought the town of Dorset Falls was magnificent and sweet with a cast of eclectic and intriguing characters. It was picturesque and ideal for the locations and the town for this cozy series. I cared for Josie, Eben and her great-aunt's friends. I didn't like the Humphries clan one bit, either. This would sweep you off your feet and be charmed as well with some yarning patterns to do a home. This has mystery, intrigue, drama and plenty of action for a quick read this holiday season.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stiffs and Swine

In J.B. Stanley's Stiffs and Swine, the 4th installment in the Supper Club Mystery cozy series, we were entertained and intrigued by a couple of ordinary crime-solving citizens. For Professor James Henry, a local librarian in Shenandoah County Library, he had to deal with suspicious teen activity and a broken down bookmobile when they needed the funds for it. When Sheriff Lucy Hanover receives a last-minute invitation to a Hog Fest, she brought along her friends for good eating as fellow judges. But there they've encountered how tough it was to win the coveted prize, especially when one of the competitors wound up dead. It was up to find out the truth behind the lies to clear a friend's name and go deep to find out who done it with why. There were some sparking romances for James's dad and for his friend Bennett with a Hudsonville Sheriff.

This was a captivating culinary cozy mystery series. I cared for James Henry and his friends who all came together to solve crimes and have their own perks and quirks to make them special and different. I liked how they became known as the Supper Clubbers to make an awesome team. I didn't like Jimmy Lang much or Murphy, either. But I liked the small love matches made for good drama and intrigue with a hint of romance. I loved the ideas of using a barbecue hog fest in Virginia for the ideal location and settings for this series. This would make you hungry for the recipes and would want you to read more with romance, intrigue, drama and mystery.

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Aunty Lee's Delights

In Ovidia Yu's Aunty Lee's Delights, the first installment in the Singaporean culinary cozy mystery series, we were introduced to life and culture in Singapore's beaches. It all started when a body was washed up on the shore, when two young women were reported missing. For "Aunty" Lee, it was up to discover the truth behind the disappearance of the two young women and how they knew each other. Lurking in the midst was a slimy character named Harry Sullivan who had a shady past and mucked things up for them. Besides running her own restaurant, Aunty Lee tried to make sense of things, when some of her patrons who came for a wine testing had a secret to share. As she unraveled this mystery like a barn of yarn, things hit too close to home to Aunty, when she learned the shocking truth behind it all.

This was an enjoyable and intriguing new cozy mystery to read. I loved the vast and beautiful Singaporean locations and settings to take us right there on the beach. Though I didn't like Harry much and Selina was a snobbish diva, I did like Nina and Aunty much with the SSS police detectives. I did feel bad for Laura and Marianne and Carla in a way. This would take you on a trip to try something new and take you on an explosive ride in Asia with drama, suspense, intrigue and lots of mystery in this quick read.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Uncommon Grounds

In Sandra Balzo's Uncommon Grounds, the first installment in the Maggy Thorsen culinary cozy mystery series, she took a 21st twist for this central coffee shop theme. It all started at the grand opening of Maggy's coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds, with the two partners. That's when they discovered that Patricia Harper was found dead, electrocution by the espresso maker. A shock to the small town, that's when  Maggy butted heads with the new Sheriff in Town, Jacob Pavlik. It was up to Maggy to find out who killed her and suspicion had turned elsewhere, especially rumors went rampantly wild in the town and other family secrets were exposed. When Patricia Harper's husband David was found dead by a "suicide", everything came to a head when she never expected who done it and why, and it was someone close to her,  before she was next to go.

This was a great new culinary cozy debut to check out and try. I cared about Maggy Thorsen and her small town community in Brookhills, Wisconsin. I thought it was a quaint small town to set up a coffee shop. I also cared about Caren and Sarah and the Harpers, though I thought something was off about them. I thought Gary was okay until the end, and loved the sparks between Maggy and Jake Pavlik, the new sheriff in town. You'll learn a lot about coffee making in this culinary cozy and be delighted with every pleasant twist in this quick read with drama, suspense, intrigue and mystery.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015


In Wendy Corsi Staub's Sleepwalker, the 2nd installment in the Nightwatcher thriller trilogy series, she sent us more chilling thrills in the continuation in this thriller than no other before. Fast forward to the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and the Nightwatcher murders, Allison's now married to James "Mack" MacKenna with three kids of their own. When news came about Jerry Thompson's suicide, they thought it was the end of that ordeal. But guess again? With Mack's sleepwalking problem, it was just the beginning of the nightmare for them. Someone watched over Allison and her family and targeted those closest to her in a rash set of new serial murders. Someone set up Mack as the fall guy and was after Allison next. In the end, there was a shocking twist of who was the culprit and a surprise in the ending for the conclusion of this trilogy series.

This was a bone-chilling and spine-tingling continuation of the thriller trilogy series. This sent me chills from start to finish to no end. I liked how Allison and Mack came together as a couple with a family and issues of their own. I didn't like Samuel Shields one bit, though I didn't care for much on Zoe Jennings, either. I loved the dual locations of New York and New Jersey for the dual settings. This captivated me from the first page to the last and made me want to read more with great action, suspense, tons of drama and intrigue.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Highlander's Accidental Marriage

In Callie Hutton's The Highlander's Accidental Marriage, the 6th installment in the Marriage Mart Mayhem historical romance novella series, we're introduced to two people who didn't expect to fall in love. For Lady Sarah Lacey from London, she didn't want to get married and have a husband. She's busy establishing her romance novel career. For Professor Braeden McKinnon from Edinburgh, he wasn't looking for love or a wife, when he longed to explore Rome as a archaeologist for adventure. It all started, when Sarah and her maid Alice needed a ride to get to Bedlay Castle. From there, they became a lot of bumps on the road, when during an overnight stay at an inn, they announced they were "married" by mistake. From there, it took a turn to the worse, when they reached the castle and had to get really married. At first, there was romance and chemistry between them. When she needed time apart, they sorted their feelings and professed their love for each other with a fitting compromise between them.

This was a charming historical romance novella. I loved how Sarah and Braeden met and fell in love, when they least expected to. They both wanted different things in their life, when Fate didn't want it that way. I loved how we're introduced to their families and had gotten inside Sarah and Braeden's head.  I loved the dual locations of Scotland and England with beautiful vast settings from start to finish. This would take you on a journey from your mind, body, heart and soul with terrific drama, suspense, action and romance.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Sketch Me if You can

In Sharon Pape's Sketch Me If You Can, the first installment in the portrait of a crime paranormal cozy mystery series, we had a twist of a ghost story with a compelling crime. For sketch artist Aurora "Rory" McCain, she took over her uncle's PI agency after he died from a heart attack. Later, one of his former clients asked her to look into the case of his sister's murder. Though she couldn't moonlight, she agreed to look into the case and finished what her uncle started. She also inherited a ghost named Zeke Marshal, a US Marshal from the 1800s, who wants to protect Rory and to find out who killed him. We do get to see a hint of his backstory inside this cozy. As Rory looked into the case, she followed the clues of evidence and did her own investigating, when she met Vince Conti, a charming guy. When the case unraveled before her eyes, she learned who killed Gail Oberlin, her uncle and wanted her next, as her life was on the line and her career, too.

This was an intriguing paranormal cozy mystery with the twist. I liked Rory as sketch artist and Zeke as a troubled ghost. I liked the connection to her uncle's death was linked into the murder somehow. I didn't like Conti one bit, but I really liked the others in the series. I loved the New York central location for the settings. This has a quirky paranormal twist with a hint of historical slant. This would bedazzle you and make you amazed and awe on how they all came together in the end.

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