Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stiffs and Swine

In J.B. Stanley's Stiffs and Swine, the 4th installment in the Supper Club Mystery cozy series, we were entertained and intrigued by a couple of ordinary crime-solving citizens. For Professor James Henry, a local librarian in Shenandoah County Library, he had to deal with suspicious teen activity and a broken down bookmobile when they needed the funds for it. When Sheriff Lucy Hanover receives a last-minute invitation to a Hog Fest, she brought along her friends for good eating as fellow judges. But there they've encountered how tough it was to win the coveted prize, especially when one of the competitors wound up dead. It was up to find out the truth behind the lies to clear a friend's name and go deep to find out who done it with why. There were some sparking romances for James's dad and for his friend Bennett with a Hudsonville Sheriff.

This was a captivating culinary cozy mystery series. I cared for James Henry and his friends who all came together to solve crimes and have their own perks and quirks to make them special and different. I liked how they became known as the Supper Clubbers to make an awesome team. I didn't like Jimmy Lang much or Murphy, either. But I liked the small love matches made for good drama and intrigue with a hint of romance. I loved the ideas of using a barbecue hog fest in Virginia for the ideal location and settings for this series. This would make you hungry for the recipes and would want you to read more with romance, intrigue, drama and mystery.

Dig into Stiffs and Swine with a copy today!

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