Thursday, December 31, 2015


In Cynthia Riggs's Touch-Me-Not, the 9th installment in the Martha's Vineyard Mystery series, you'll be enchanted and intrigued into this fast-paced mystery. For 92-year-old Police Deputy Victoria Trumbull, there was nothing she couldn't do. While she loved gardening her flowers on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard, she loved having her granddaughter in her home. But first, she dealt with a electrical outlet in her inn and then having to solve two connected murders. LeRoy Watts had a terrible secret he didn't want anyone to find out, when Jerry Sparks, a former employee with a drug problem, had discovered it and blackmailed him. From there, Jerry Sparks had ended up dead, and later on, during the mathematical quilting group, there's talk about stalkers and prank callers on the phone line. When his secret became uncovered, someone went after LeRoy Watts and killed him. For Victoria and Casey, they had to deal with true gruesome murders and find the connection between the two of them. Before she knew it, she would be next to discover who done it and why.

This was a delightful quick read for this mystery. You've got to love Victoria, when we rarely have senior citizen female lead characters take center stage. I've found her charming and delightful at once. Though I did felt her daughter Amelia was a bit overbearing and protective, Jerry and LeRoy were both creeps in my book. I've loved the characters, learned about the touch-me-not flowers and mathematical quilting group. I loved the Martha Vineyard island for an enchanted location and beautiful location to set this series. Get ready for a wild ride with drama, non-stop action, mystery and intrigue in this delightful book.

You can look and not touch the touch-me-not flowers? Give this one a go today!

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