Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Highlander's Accidental Marriage

In Callie Hutton's The Highlander's Accidental Marriage, the 6th installment in the Marriage Mart Mayhem historical romance novella series, we're introduced to two people who didn't expect to fall in love. For Lady Sarah Lacey from London, she didn't want to get married and have a husband. She's busy establishing her romance novel career. For Professor Braeden McKinnon from Edinburgh, he wasn't looking for love or a wife, when he longed to explore Rome as a archaeologist for adventure. It all started, when Sarah and her maid Alice needed a ride to get to Bedlay Castle. From there, they became a lot of bumps on the road, when during an overnight stay at an inn, they announced they were "married" by mistake. From there, it took a turn to the worse, when they reached the castle and had to get really married. At first, there was romance and chemistry between them. When she needed time apart, they sorted their feelings and professed their love for each other with a fitting compromise between them.

This was a charming historical romance novella. I loved how Sarah and Braeden met and fell in love, when they least expected to. They both wanted different things in their life, when Fate didn't want it that way. I loved how we're introduced to their families and had gotten inside Sarah and Braeden's head.  I loved the dual locations of Scotland and England with beautiful vast settings from start to finish. This would take you on a journey from your mind, body, heart and soul with terrific drama, suspense, action and romance.

Will you witness the Highlander's Accidental Marriage today? Check it out now!

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