Monday, December 7, 2015

Uncommon Grounds

In Sandra Balzo's Uncommon Grounds, the first installment in the Maggy Thorsen culinary cozy mystery series, she took a 21st twist for this central coffee shop theme. It all started at the grand opening of Maggy's coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds, with the two partners. That's when they discovered that Patricia Harper was found dead, electrocution by the espresso maker. A shock to the small town, that's when  Maggy butted heads with the new Sheriff in Town, Jacob Pavlik. It was up to Maggy to find out who killed her and suspicion had turned elsewhere, especially rumors went rampantly wild in the town and other family secrets were exposed. When Patricia Harper's husband David was found dead by a "suicide", everything came to a head when she never expected who done it and why, and it was someone close to her,  before she was next to go.

This was a great new culinary cozy debut to check out and try. I cared about Maggy Thorsen and her small town community in Brookhills, Wisconsin. I thought it was a quaint small town to set up a coffee shop. I also cared about Caren and Sarah and the Harpers, though I thought something was off about them. I thought Gary was okay until the end, and loved the sparks between Maggy and Jake Pavlik, the new sheriff in town. You'll learn a lot about coffee making in this culinary cozy and be delighted with every pleasant twist in this quick read with drama, suspense, intrigue and mystery.

Check out Uncommon Grounds for yourself today!

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