Sunday, December 20, 2015

Aunty Lee's Delights

In Ovidia Yu's Aunty Lee's Delights, the first installment in the Singaporean culinary cozy mystery series, we were introduced to life and culture in Singapore's beaches. It all started when a body was washed up on the shore, when two young women were reported missing. For "Aunty" Lee, it was up to discover the truth behind the disappearance of the two young women and how they knew each other. Lurking in the midst was a slimy character named Harry Sullivan who had a shady past and mucked things up for them. Besides running her own restaurant, Aunty Lee tried to make sense of things, when some of her patrons who came for a wine testing had a secret to share. As she unraveled this mystery like a barn of yarn, things hit too close to home to Aunty, when she learned the shocking truth behind it all.

This was an enjoyable and intriguing new cozy mystery to read. I loved the vast and beautiful Singaporean locations and settings to take us right there on the beach. Though I didn't like Harry much and Selina was a snobbish diva, I did like Nina and Aunty much with the SSS police detectives. I did feel bad for Laura and Marianne and Carla in a way. This would take you on a trip to try something new and take you on an explosive ride in Asia with drama, suspense, intrigue and lots of mystery in this quick read.

If you want an adventure, try Aunty Lee's Delights today!

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