Friday, October 29, 2010

Hot Blooded

Lisa Jackson's romantic suspense novels keeps getting better in every one. In Hot Blooded, Dr. Samantha Leeds is a radio psychologist in New Orleans at night. Someone prank called her at home, and on the line, making insinuating suggestions on sins and retribution, claiming himself as "John." Meanwhile, Detectives Montoya and Bentz are on a hunt of a serial killer who killed prostitutes. As the threat level is series, so is the danger she faces. Someone wants to do her in. It could be her ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, a disgruntled co-worker at the radio station, or even Ty Wheeler, her new love interest. Especially when there's a connection to the past that haunts her, she's closer to the dangerous truth than she realizes. What an great thrill ride for this one.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deja Dead

This is another great forensic series. And if you like Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta series, you'll love Temperance Brennan. She's an anthropologist, divorced with an adult daughter. When a body turns up mutilated and dismembered, Brennan's on the scene. While she looks over the body, she remembers a similar case like that from a few years ago. As she compares those cold cases, she has a tough battle convincing her Canadian colleagues, until things do add up. Meanwhile, her best friend Gabby is in trouble and disappears every now and then. When she winds up dead, it becomes personal for a hunt of a serial killer on her hands, when those cold cases connect the dots to the variables, until she becomes the next victim. What a great into to the series. If you love BONES, you'll notice that the only thing that's the same is Brennan and her job. The rest is different.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Killer Mousse

This is a delightful new cozy culinary cozy series to read. In Killer Mousse, the first book in the Dela Cooks Mystery series, Della Carmichael, a widow, who had just gotten her own cooking show on TV, and was making recipes in front of a live audience. On the first day of the set, someone ended up murdered, and she was now the prime suspect. While the police investigated the crime, Della started her own investigation, and ran into a reporter, who she was attracted to, and butted heads with. As she'd gotten closer to the truth, more people ended up killed. Before she knew it, she wind up next on the list. This has yummy recipes, too. 

In this introduction to this culinary cozy series, we do get to know more about Della herself and how her TV career started. I did care for Della and her niece Eileen and for John and especially for Shannon. As for Nick, he was an interesting character to come across my page. They had interesting chemistry together for starters. We do get a feeling, that not all things happen live in front of the camera. Delicious dessert recipes to boot as well to do at home. This culinary cozy is to die for and make you want to devour the reading in one setting or two.

Ready to whip up a good dish? Check this book out this week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Watching You

In Karen Rose's I'm Watching You, the third installment in the  romantic suspense series, and  set in Chicago, for ASA Kristen Mayhem, she held a painful dark secret of her past. While prosecuting people in her court case, someone had decided to execute those who failed the justice system, claiming he was her "humble servant." One by one, they were wiped ou, as a serial killer knew her secrets and sent her letters. For Detective Abe Reagan, he also had a troubled past, who had sworn to protect her, along with his family, while he fell in love her again as they healed each other entirely. But as they become closer, a bitchy reporter and someone with the grudge had made her a personal target to make her scared. In the end, they found out the truth and revealed their secrets that meld them together with glue. Another great romantic suspense!

This was another great romantic suspense novel by Karen Rose.  I cared about Kristen and Abe. I didn't like this criminal to serve his own vigilante justice. I loved how Abe and Kristen came together and tag-teamed to nab the bad guy. I continued to love the Chicago location for the setting. This would make you cringe and sigh, a couple of times. Great drama, terrific drama and red-hot romance, and plenty of intrigue along the way.

Who's watching you buy this book? Check it out today!

The Murder Room

This is another fantastic Adam Dagliesh mystery by PD James. In this novel set in England, there's the Dupayne Museum which has a Murder Room--a room which showcased actual unsolved murders in that room from England's past, which an attached history to it. It's owned and managed by two brothers and a sister, who are fighting for it's closure or staying open. Suddenly, there's a copycat killer who have killed somebody outside of the room, and later, inside the room. It's up to Adam Dagliesh and his team to figure out who's the killer before someone else is next. When there's a third victim, they start to add up the pieces, one by one, to find out who's the killer. Plus, Adam's relationship with Emma is tested, when they're at a crossroads. A fantastic read.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Mary Anna Evans's Artifacts was the first book in the Faye Longchamp series that started her journey. Faye Longchamp was a biracial archeology student, who lived on Joyeuse island, Florida, when there were hidden family secrets, and a long lost treasure. While she saved her island from becoming a resort, she encountered two dead bodies from her fellow students, and an old skeleton from an old cold case. Joe, her Native American friend, became under suspicion for their deaths, while Magda Stockard, her professor, was suspicious of Faye's address and behavior. This also started the romance between Faye and Joe, too.  In the end, Faye connected the dots of the past and present, when their lives were  stuck in the middle of a hurricane.

This was a fascinating introduction to the Faye Longchamp series.  I found Faye's background was quite interesting and amusing at the same time as well. Joyeuse Island, Florida, was an unusual backdrop for the location, since I never heard of it. I liked the concept of treasure hunting and archeology seemed to go hand and hand. And Joe and Magda were an unusual bunch of characters. Great drama with a built-up mystery, good action for light reading, and a spark of a possible romance made this a good series.

Ready to find some artifacts? Grab a copy today!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Strangers in the Night

If you love great romantic suspense novels, you'll enjoy this trio of short stories in Strangers in the Night by Linda Howard. In Lake of Dreams, Thea Marlow dreamt of making love to her dream lover. When she met him in person, they realized they were meant to be through the hands of time, interpreting their dreams, when they were falling in love and fought for what they want. In Blue Moon, Sheriff Jackson Brody had been called to Deliliah Jones's home, and became under her spell. She was no witch, but she had healing powers and predicted they were meant to be by his aura. In White Out, Hope Jackson was stuck in a cabin during a blizzard, when Price Tanner needed mouth-to-mouth resusitation to warm him up. When there was a radio broadcast on an escaped convict, she didn't know what to believe. When the truth came out, they planned a future together. Three times the romance and suspense.

This was a lovely introduction of three romantic short stories in this one collection for this novel. Each one had something different with a cute little storyline premise from dreams, to auras, and then first aid during a blizzard. I cared about the three couples in a short amount of time. I loved each central specific location for this short story collection. All of them were strangers in the night too, per se.  Great drama, good action and romance, and lots of intrigue and mystery.

Will you be a stranger in the night? Pick up a copy tonight!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Water's Lovely

This book was different than her Wexley mystery series. This was an excellent stand-alone thriller. In the Water's Lovely, thirteen years ago, Ismay Sealand's step-father drowned in the bathroom. Years later, she maintained a close friendship with her sister Heather, while she grabed hold onto her boyfriend Andrew, who didn't like her. Actually, it tore them apart. When her boyfriend's newest flame gets murdered, she suspected Heather did it, as she suspected Heather drowned their step-father. Meanwhile, Marion Melville was striking it rich by being a caretaker for elderly neighbors and had fallen in love with one. When she gotten a hold of the tape Ismay recorded on her feelings, she blackmailed her, until she had enough. When Andrew returned to Ismay, she became closer to her, until she snapped and gotten the tape back from Marion. Then she confronted Heather with the truth of what happened. It had a surprising ending for the final scene I wouldn't give away.

My first thoughts was that Ruth Rendell should write more thrillers along with her mysteries. This one held me in suspense from page one to the end. It left me feeling cold and winter all over. For Ismay and Heather, they had a love-hate relationship with each other, when it left a trail of a mystery in the end.  I didn't care for much on Marion's richness either. But somehow everything came in full circle. I loved the Welsh background for this one as well. You would be hooked on her mysteries as well.

Ready, set go! Grab a copy today!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Shoot From the Lip

 In Leann Sweeney's  Shoot From the Lip, the 4th book in the Abby Rose series,  Abby dealt with a reality show that wants to reunite a family together. For Emma Lopez, she wanted to be reunited with her long-lost sister and find out the truth on her mom's disappearance. While dodging the press, they unearthed skeletons in the closet, when a dead baby was found, and questions were asked. Abby decided to investigate this matter further, when the killer was on her tail and had killed her source. As Abby got close to the truth, a killer closed in on her family and made her a target, while Jeff dealt with a family crisis of his own. This is a jam-packed good read for a cozy.

I loved the floral theme in this delightful cozy. We do get to know more about Abby's family a bit better, while she was off to solve another mystery. We also watch the chemistry between Abby and Jeff a bit more. There's a bunch of drama over here in this story, when it dealt with reality TV.  You'll be hooked by every single gripping page.

Ready for a nice cozy read? Pick up a copy today!