Friday, October 22, 2010

Killer Mousse

This is a delightful new cozy culinary cozy series to read. In Killer Mousse, the first book in the Dela Cooks Mystery series, Della Carmichael, a widow, who had just gotten her own cooking show on TV, and was making recipes in front of a live audience. On the first day of the set, someone ended up murdered, and she was now the prime suspect. While the police investigated the crime, Della started her own investigation, and ran into a reporter, who she was attracted to, and butted heads with. As she'd gotten closer to the truth, more people ended up killed. Before she knew it, she wind up next on the list. This has yummy recipes, too. 

In this introduction to this culinary cozy series, we do get to know more about Della herself and how her TV career started. I did care for Della and her niece Eileen and for John and especially for Shannon. As for Nick, he was an interesting character to come across my page. They had interesting chemistry together for starters. We do get a feeling, that not all things happen live in front of the camera. Delicious dessert recipes to boot as well to do at home. This culinary cozy is to die for and make you want to devour the reading in one setting or two.

Ready to whip up a good dish? Check this book out this week!

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