Friday, October 1, 2010

Shoot From the Lip

 In Leann Sweeney's  Shoot From the Lip, the 4th book in the Abby Rose series,  Abby dealt with a reality show that wants to reunite a family together. For Emma Lopez, she wanted to be reunited with her long-lost sister and find out the truth on her mom's disappearance. While dodging the press, they unearthed skeletons in the closet, when a dead baby was found, and questions were asked. Abby decided to investigate this matter further, when the killer was on her tail and had killed her source. As Abby got close to the truth, a killer closed in on her family and made her a target, while Jeff dealt with a family crisis of his own. This is a jam-packed good read for a cozy.

I loved the floral theme in this delightful cozy. We do get to know more about Abby's family a bit better, while she was off to solve another mystery. We also watch the chemistry between Abby and Jeff a bit more. There's a bunch of drama over here in this story, when it dealt with reality TV.  You'll be hooked by every single gripping page.

Ready for a nice cozy read? Pick up a copy today!

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