Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Water's Lovely

This book was different than her Wexley mystery series. This was an excellent stand-alone thriller. In the Water's Lovely, thirteen years ago, Ismay Sealand's step-father drowned in the bathroom. Years later, she maintained a close friendship with her sister Heather, while she grabed hold onto her boyfriend Andrew, who didn't like her. Actually, it tore them apart. When her boyfriend's newest flame gets murdered, she suspected Heather did it, as she suspected Heather drowned their step-father. Meanwhile, Marion Melville was striking it rich by being a caretaker for elderly neighbors and had fallen in love with one. When she gotten a hold of the tape Ismay recorded on her feelings, she blackmailed her, until she had enough. When Andrew returned to Ismay, she became closer to her, until she snapped and gotten the tape back from Marion. Then she confronted Heather with the truth of what happened. It had a surprising ending for the final scene I wouldn't give away.

My first thoughts was that Ruth Rendell should write more thrillers along with her mysteries. This one held me in suspense from page one to the end. It left me feeling cold and winter all over. For Ismay and Heather, they had a love-hate relationship with each other, when it left a trail of a mystery in the end.  I didn't care for much on Marion's richness either. But somehow everything came in full circle. I loved the Welsh background for this one as well. You would be hooked on her mysteries as well.

Ready, set go! Grab a copy today!

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