Saturday, October 31, 2015

Too Hard to Handle

In Julie Ann Walker's Too Hard to Handle, the eighth installment of the Black Knights Inc. romantic suspense series, get ready to feel the brunt heat of a steamy romance between two lovers. For former Secret Service Agent Penelope DuPaul, she went on a mission to locate Dan "The Man" Currington from the BKI special ops team. Even if it took her all the way to South America,she had something to tell him. For Dan, he tracked down a traitor who sold top secrets from our country, while mourning the loss of his wife. When Penni found him, it was up to him to protect her from an oncoming threat. Between the two of them, the heat was on, while she revealed a secret she needed to share from their previous romantic encounter, which would change everything. And until Dan can remove the ghosts from his past, he would have to show Penni he loves her in more ways than one.

This was a hot and steamy romantic suspense with some hints of humor and eroticism. I instantly cared for Penny and her dilemma to reconnect with Dan. I felt his sorrow when he mourned his late wife and cared about Penny with his love for her. I loved the vast settings in Peru and in Chicago and Washington D.C. for the locations. This would make you turn up the heat with hot romance, suspense, drama and plenty of intrigue.

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Special review: Mew is for Murder from November 2008

In Clea Simon's Mew is for Murder, the first installment in the Theda Krakow cozy mystery series,  you'll be charmed by Theda and her love for cats. Poor Theda. Her boyfriend was gone for good, while she mourned the loss of her cat, and she just made a big career leap that left her finances flat.  During a stroll in Cambridge, she spotted an adorable stray kitten. It had led her to a decrepit old home of Lillian Helmhold, who was a classic cat hoarder in her home. This story intrigued her enough to help get her out of the dumps. But when she interviewed her, she found Lillian's dead body of an apparent accident. But when the cops weren't interested on solving the case, it lead Theda to do some investigating of her own with a cast of wild suspects. As she'd gotten closer to the truth, this had shaken her to the core.

This was a delightful and charming cozy mystery debut. I cared about Theda and her love of animals, mainly cat. She helped rescue those cats and solved a mystery, too. I did become concerned about Lillian's obsessive cat hoarding issues. I loved the Cambridge location and the scenic settings in every scene. This is perfect for a light and breezy book to read, since it had a hint of romance, plenty of intrigue, suspense, and drama along the way.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

24 Hours

In Claire Seeber's 24 Hours, this thriller will give you non-stop shocking action in the span of 24 hours. For Laurie Smith, she discovered her best friend died in a fire. It was up to Laurie to find her daughter Polly in 24 hours, and find out why someone tried to kill her. In flashbacks, we see what events had led her to this. Between her new love interest's Mal's crazy ex-wife or her own ex's new girlfriend Jolie. From past to present, it's a race against time to go find her daughter and clear her name, when the truth came out with bold-faced lies. In the end, there was a shocking twist to the end with devastating results discovered in the climax.

This was an excellent thriller with non-stop action. I loved the timeline to show the flashbacks in real time in this gripping novel. I really felt bad for Laurie and Polly and maybe a little sad for Emily. I believed that Sid and Suzanne belong together. I couldn't stand Jolie.  I loved the English countryside locations and the vast settings from one place to another. This would grip you in and take you on a heart-stopping emotional roller coaster with every page with tons of action, suspense, drama and some romantic intrigue to keep you reading.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Peach of a Murder

In Livia Washburn's a Peach of a Murder, the first installment of the Fresh-Baked Cozy Mystery series, we sink her teeth into this culinary cozy debut with secrets and lies come out. It all started with the murder of Newt Bishop, when Phyllis Newsom was getting ready for the Annual Peach Festival with the baking festival. And that's when Sam Fletcher, a new boarder at Phyllis's came in. At the time for the judging for the pies, Donnie Boatright had died before the judging results came out. It was up to Phyllis to find out who've done it and why, while trying to connect the two links. While she kept a close eye out for her friend Mattie Harris, who's been feeling unwell, she dug up some shocking truths and secrets, while treats were aimed at her. And when they were a hit-and-run of a young teacher, that's when she connected the dots and shocked to find out who done it and why...

This was a terrific new culinary cozy debut. I loved the cooking bake-off theme with the festival for the central subplot down in rural Texas. I cared for Phyllis and her family, especially for Mattie, who had memory issues and other ailments. I liked Sam Fletcher, too, and warmed up to Carolyn Walburger a tiny bit. This would take you into a great reading adventure with mystery, intrigue, suspense and plenty of drama, when the adrenaline went up high.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Lessons from a Scarlet Lady

In Emma Wildes's Lessons from a Scarlet Lady, the first installment in the Northfield series, she wickedly told us two love stories for the price of one. For Brianna Northfield, the new Duchess, she purchased a scandalous and banned book to help keep the romance alive in the bedroom with less boredom. For Rebecca Marston, she had her eyes only for Brianna's brother-in-law Robert Northfield, who her father dislikes, when they pressure her for marriage. When both of them used the same book, she turned up the heat into their romances with surprising twists and turns from reading and turning those pages with a shocking ending.

This was a daring and sexy historical romance debut from Emma Wildes. I cared about Brianna with her marriage to Colton, and her friend Rebecca's courtship to Robert. I loved the twist about using a scandalous book to get or help nudge what they want. I loved the vast English settings and locations all over the English countryside. This would definitely make you want a copy for your own love life and add some spark to it, too. This has plenty of intrigue, suspense, drama and plenty of non-stop action.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Heat of the Moment

In Katie Rose's The Heat of the Moment, the third installment in the Boys of Summer Sports Contemporary romance series, she had hit a home run with this compelling read. For Gavin King, when a knee injury had sidelined him, he had been traded to the Jersey Sonics from his California baseball team. Later, he learned that it was the best move possible for him, after he broke up with his model girlfriend. That's when he met his physical therapist, Jessica Hart, who swore off baseball players after a recent breakup with one. While he worked on healing his knee to get back in the game, he had gotten to know Jessica and fell in love with her, when they sexual heat between them was steamy hot for sure. But when his ex comes back, it made Jessica uncertain, when he told her she was the one for him.

This was a delightful sports contemporary romance novel in the series. I liked Gavin and Jessica as a couple and hated Kristen in on the spot. His father needed to get a life and care for Gavin's feeling, not just the sport itself.  But I liked the central theme being sports and baseball in general and the new friendship he had with his team mates, with the exception of Roger. This would make you cheer for Gavin being the underdog, and Jessica to be swept off his feet in this wonderful romance. There's a lot of non-stop action, drama, romance and intrigue in this steamy novel.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blind Justice

In Ethan Cross's Blind Justice, this action-packed high octane thriller will compel you to take you through these fast-paced chapters. For Deacon Munroe, he wasn't your typical DCIS criminal investigator. Blind since 9/11 and a widower with 2 teenage girls, he would do anything for justice his way. When a Mexican cartel hits his hometown of Washington D.C., they came after him and killed his best friend instead. Now it was up to find out the root of the source of a powerful new drug and to stop a new terrorist attack before it happens. With the help of a released convict named Jonas Black, he became the eyes for Deacon to see what he can't see and used his own senses. And when their families became the next victims and kidnapped, they would stop for nothing to see justice their way.

This was a fantastic thriller by Ethan Cross. I instantly cared about Deacon Munroe and how he saw things his own way with no eyesight. I became saddened for his loss of his best friend and watched how he took care of his own daughters. I thought Jonas Black was pretty decent. I loved the Washington D.C. area, day and night. This would make you feel for Deacon and care about him and his fight for justice in every turning page with non-stop action, drama, suspense and mystery.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Ransom River

In Meg Gardiner's Ransom River, she shocked us and sent us reeling in this standalone thriller. For Rory Mackenzie, she was the 7th juror in a criminal case. But things didn't go as planned, when there was chaos in the courtroom as two gunmen took control. After the ordeal was over, she didn't get a warm welcome home from her family. Nothing was what it seemed to be. With help from former cop and flame, and childhood friend, Seth Colder, they investigate the story behind the heist and what she was singled out. The closer she had gotten to the truth, she received threats from people, even from her own cousins, which stemmed to her family history of past secrets from a cold case of a bank robbery.  With more shocking secrets came to light, Seth and Rory grew closer together and fought against evil to the end.

This was a powerful and shocking standalone thriller. I cared about Rory and her parents, though I didn't like her cousins one bit, except for her Aunt Amber. I did like Rory's reunion with Seth. We could see the smoldering chemistry between them. This would send you flying through in the pages and shake your head in disbelief with every twist and turn. I did like the fictional town of Ransom River in California with its own intricate scenery and locations. Great non-stop action, suspense, drama and intrigue to the end.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015


In Christina Dodd's Betrayal, the third installment in the Bella Terra Deception romantic suspense series, this one catapults you into two star-crossed lovers that were meant to be together. For Penelope Alonso Caldwell, she had a passionate summer with Noah Di Lucca, 9 years ago. But the truth of his past had torn him apart. For Penelope, she suffered a lot of heartache, when she lost her mother, husband and newborn baby within a span of the year. And she didn't know who was her father. For Noah, he didn't know his other mother, until a chance encounter in Europe, when he learned about his lethal heritage and the deadly timeline from his biological relatives. And that lead to find the mystery of pink diamonds in a vintage wine bottle. But when fate brought them together, they knew they were destined and conquered the evil for all.

This was a beautiful love story about star-crossed lovers who were meant to be. I loved the locations of Bella Terra in California with the vineyard and the small town resort and close-knit community. I became heartsick for Penelope for dealing such blows of losing her loved ones in grief, and how she reunited with Noah by tempting fate. I cared for Noah's plight, when he was stuck between a rock and a real hard place with a ticking time bomb around his neck. This would take you on an emotional wild roller coaster ride from start to finish with heated chemistry, suspense, non-stop action and drama with intrigue.

Will you stop at nothing for a betrayal? If so, check it out today!