Friday, October 23, 2015

Lessons from a Scarlet Lady

In Emma Wildes's Lessons from a Scarlet Lady, the first installment in the Northfield series, she wickedly told us two love stories for the price of one. For Brianna Northfield, the new Duchess, she purchased a scandalous and banned book to help keep the romance alive in the bedroom with less boredom. For Rebecca Marston, she had her eyes only for Brianna's brother-in-law Robert Northfield, who her father dislikes, when they pressure her for marriage. When both of them used the same book, she turned up the heat into their romances with surprising twists and turns from reading and turning those pages with a shocking ending.

This was a daring and sexy historical romance debut from Emma Wildes. I cared about Brianna with her marriage to Colton, and her friend Rebecca's courtship to Robert. I loved the twist about using a scandalous book to get or help nudge what they want. I loved the vast English settings and locations all over the English countryside. This would definitely make you want a copy for your own love life and add some spark to it, too. This has plenty of intrigue, suspense, drama and plenty of non-stop action.

Will you read some lessons from a scarlet lady? If so, give it a go today!

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