Saturday, October 31, 2015

Special review: Mew is for Murder from November 2008

In Clea Simon's Mew is for Murder, the first installment in the Theda Krakow cozy mystery series,  you'll be charmed by Theda and her love for cats. Poor Theda. Her boyfriend was gone for good, while she mourned the loss of her cat, and she just made a big career leap that left her finances flat.  During a stroll in Cambridge, she spotted an adorable stray kitten. It had led her to a decrepit old home of Lillian Helmhold, who was a classic cat hoarder in her home. This story intrigued her enough to help get her out of the dumps. But when she interviewed her, she found Lillian's dead body of an apparent accident. But when the cops weren't interested on solving the case, it lead Theda to do some investigating of her own with a cast of wild suspects. As she'd gotten closer to the truth, this had shaken her to the core.

This was a delightful and charming cozy mystery debut. I cared about Theda and her love of animals, mainly cat. She helped rescue those cats and solved a mystery, too. I did become concerned about Lillian's obsessive cat hoarding issues. I loved the Cambridge location and the scenic settings in every scene. This is perfect for a light and breezy book to read, since it had a hint of romance, plenty of intrigue, suspense, and drama along the way.

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  1. Thank you for reading! "Mew is for Murder" was my very first mystery, and I hope you enjoy my others, too.


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