Tuesday, October 27, 2015

24 Hours

In Claire Seeber's 24 Hours, this thriller will give you non-stop shocking action in the span of 24 hours. For Laurie Smith, she discovered her best friend died in a fire. It was up to Laurie to find her daughter Polly in 24 hours, and find out why someone tried to kill her. In flashbacks, we see what events had led her to this. Between her new love interest's Mal's crazy ex-wife or her own ex's new girlfriend Jolie. From past to present, it's a race against time to go find her daughter and clear her name, when the truth came out with bold-faced lies. In the end, there was a shocking twist to the end with devastating results discovered in the climax.

This was an excellent thriller with non-stop action. I loved the timeline to show the flashbacks in real time in this gripping novel. I really felt bad for Laurie and Polly and maybe a little sad for Emily. I believed that Sid and Suzanne belong together. I couldn't stand Jolie.  I loved the English countryside locations and the vast settings from one place to another. This would grip you in and take you on a heart-stopping emotional roller coaster with every page with tons of action, suspense, drama and some romantic intrigue to keep you reading.

Will you be hooked in 24 Hours? If so, check it out today!

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