Friday, October 9, 2015

Ransom River

In Meg Gardiner's Ransom River, she shocked us and sent us reeling in this standalone thriller. For Rory Mackenzie, she was the 7th juror in a criminal case. But things didn't go as planned, when there was chaos in the courtroom as two gunmen took control. After the ordeal was over, she didn't get a warm welcome home from her family. Nothing was what it seemed to be. With help from former cop and flame, and childhood friend, Seth Colder, they investigate the story behind the heist and what she was singled out. The closer she had gotten to the truth, she received threats from people, even from her own cousins, which stemmed to her family history of past secrets from a cold case of a bank robbery.  With more shocking secrets came to light, Seth and Rory grew closer together and fought against evil to the end.

This was a powerful and shocking standalone thriller. I cared about Rory and her parents, though I didn't like her cousins one bit, except for her Aunt Amber. I did like Rory's reunion with Seth. We could see the smoldering chemistry between them. This would send you flying through in the pages and shake your head in disbelief with every twist and turn. I did like the fictional town of Ransom River in California with its own intricate scenery and locations. Great non-stop action, suspense, drama and intrigue to the end.

Will you visit Ransom River? If so, be wary with a copy today!

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