Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blind Justice

In Ethan Cross's Blind Justice, this action-packed high octane thriller will compel you to take you through these fast-paced chapters. For Deacon Munroe, he wasn't your typical DCIS criminal investigator. Blind since 9/11 and a widower with 2 teenage girls, he would do anything for justice his way. When a Mexican cartel hits his hometown of Washington D.C., they came after him and killed his best friend instead. Now it was up to find out the root of the source of a powerful new drug and to stop a new terrorist attack before it happens. With the help of a released convict named Jonas Black, he became the eyes for Deacon to see what he can't see and used his own senses. And when their families became the next victims and kidnapped, they would stop for nothing to see justice their way.

This was a fantastic thriller by Ethan Cross. I instantly cared about Deacon Munroe and how he saw things his own way with no eyesight. I became saddened for his loss of his best friend and watched how he took care of his own daughters. I thought Jonas Black was pretty decent. I loved the Washington D.C. area, day and night. This would make you feel for Deacon and care about him and his fight for justice in every turning page with non-stop action, drama, suspense and mystery.

Will you have your own blind justice today? If so, check it out now!

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