Monday, August 29, 2011


If you love medical thrillers with a twist of science and a hint of horror, you'll enjoy Robin Cook's Mutation. When Dr. Victor Frank created his second son VJ by surrogate, he added an extra element to the implantation: an animal gene to make him smarter and brighter. But things weren't cracked up to be for his ten-year-old son. He might be bright, but he was also anti-social and a bit violent. Things started up by him poisoning other people and developing his own mad science for biotechnology. When things escalated, it was now up to Victor to save his wife and may save himself with a drastic end--it had a shocking surprise ending.

This medical thriller sent chills and thrills down my spine. It gave me goosebumps, too. I cared about Victor and his wife and his  firstborn son, and knew something was off with VJ.  I loved the Boston area for the location and the settings, especially in the laboratory. This did have a touch of horror inside this medical thriller, too. This made me blink a few times as well. Good drama, great foreshadowing suspense and intrigue with non-stop action to the end.

Will you discover the mutation in the cells? If so, give this a go tonight!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kiss of Crimson

 If you love juicy paranormal series, you'll enjoy the second book in the Breed series, Kiss of Crimson. Dante is haunted by visions of his death. When he's injured in a fight, he's rescued by Dr. Tess Culver, a vet with a healing touch. By one instance, she saved his life as he erased her memory. Later, they meet and slowly fall in love, not knowing he's a vampire. But there's other dangers out there, when they're still in the middle of a war with the Rogues. When Sterling Chase from the Darkhavens approaches them, they're up for a mission to stop the Crimson drugs affecting the youth and turning the Breeds. One, he later finds out is his nephew, Camden, while being torn for his feeling for his sister-in-law, Elise. Back to Dante, he's up against his rival, Ben Sullivan, who's the drug dealer, when the bitter truth of who he is comes to light, when it puts everyone in danger, and brings Tess and Dante together. What a great series!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Still Life

If you love good mysteries, you'll enjoy the Armand Gamache series by Louise Penny.  In the first installment, Still Life, it was set in Canada. In the debut mystery, Jane Neal was found dead in Three Pines, a tiny village, which causes a bit of upset. It was up to Gamache and his police force to find out about her life and past, her friends and family, and who wanted to harm her and others, when a cast of suspicion was thrown to one person to another. Secrets and lies were exposed. In the end, they really get up and close to find out who've done it and why. A great debut!

This was a terrific read. I loved the small town community of Three Pines, Quebec, Canada. It was some remote and quiet for a crime scene. I loved getting to know everyone in Three Pines. I found Armand Gamache an interesting and robust chief inspector. His police team were quite interesting and amusing as well. I didn't like the way Jane died though. This was an enjoyable mystery, too. Great drama, nice action and suspense, and plenty of intrigue for a good read.

Ready to enjoy Still Life? Pick up a copy today!

Monday, August 22, 2011


If you love explosive thrillers, you'll love the second installment in the Kelly Jones Thriller series by Michelle Gagnon, Boneyard. In this novel, Kelly Jones was assigned to a disturbing case of bones found at a local national park in Massachusetttes, right before she left for her overdue vacation,  when they uncovered a boneyard of dead bodies. What they didn't know was the killer was someone they might know in the distance, someone who didnn't like male gay hustlers. It hit close to home for Kelly's task force, especially when dead bodies were found in New York and also in Massachusetts. What was worse was there was a copycat out there, who had revenge for his own. When her boyfriend Jake Riley popped up, he helped out in the case, and had a proposal for Kelly of his own,  before it might be too late for Kelly and her task force. What a thrill ride!

This thriller focused on the hard-hitting topic of a hate crime against gay men. I loved how Jake and Kelly teamed up in this tough case, when someone had literally a bone or two to pick with them, one of their own. This also sent me chills and thrills down my spine as well. I didn't like how the killer targeted gay men with a possible copycat to finish what he started. We could see the sparks flying between Kelly and Jake as they got closer and closer. Once again, don't read this thriller in the dark.

Ready to read a night with a nightlight? Give this thriller a try tonight!

Friday, August 19, 2011


This is another great Alex Delaware mystery by Jonathan Kellerman. In Gone,  when two drama students turned up missing, it ended up as a hoax. When they later do turn up missing, it was up to Alex and the police to pick up the pieces of their lives, with an eclectic cast of characters, including the Dowds. When other cold cases turned up with missing people, they wondered if it was connected to the same crime or not. Not only that, Alex's relationship with Robin got closer, when they wound up hurt by a disgruntled psychologist.  In the end, they uncovered a shocking discovery of where the missing went, and why. This would keep you really guessing to the end.

This was another excellent Alex Delaware mystery. This storyline was captivating and compelling at the same time. This would make you gasp and sigh at every twisted turn. I liked how Alex worked with Milo and had gotten closer to Robin. The Dowds were a bit creepy and suspicious in my opinion. I hated it, when they tried to target Alex's dog. I loved the California backdrop and how it played out everywhere. Great drama, tons of suspense, and a gripping storyline to keep you up all night.

Please give this book a try!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Without Mercy

If you love bone-chilling romantic suspense, you'll love Without Mercy by Lisa Jackson. Julia Farrentino has recurring troubling nightmare's of her father's death. When her troubled half-sister Shaylee is sent to Blue Rock Academy in Oregon, Julia is worried about it being the wrong move for her. When her sister calls her, Jules decided to go undercover as a teacher and help bail Shaylee out. She also runs into Cooper Trent, her former boyfriend, who still make her blood boil and ease her mind. Together, they undercover the mystery of three murdered students and a possible cult at Blue Rock. As they get closer to the truth, Cooper and Julia get together, as danger looms for them. In the end, there's a shocking twist I don't want to give away! You'll love it!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blood Orange

If you love drama in good woman's fiction, you'll enjoy Blood Orange. Dana Cabot is a mother of Bailey, her daughter with Special Needs, and David, who's working on a murder case. She's also working on her thesis and works at a book store. But things take a twisted turn, when Bailey is kidnapped, and threats have been made on the Cabot family. With the local church and community for support, she holds on. When Bailey returns, things pick up the pieces, when her marriage is threatened by outside people, plus having Frank Filmore's leaving in their garage, and strained family ties. Her marriage falls apart, when the truth comes out, and tries to put it together again for the future. Lots of surprises for this one.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My read author list, part 1: A-K

Here's a list of authors I've read throughout the years, from A-K. Each genre/subgenre has a code in parenthesis, after the first time I've mention it. Please let me know your thoughts on who you've read or who you haven't read. If you have suggestions for next year, let me know. I'll be starting my TBR list in October/November.  I'll be posting L-Z later on this month.

 I'll be adding new authors at the end of every month in this same blog post. New: Every new author will be underlined for one month, every time I update my list.


Will Adams-Thrillers (T)
Lara Adrian-Paranormal Romance (PNR)
Susan Wittig Albert-Mystery/Historical Mystery (M/HM)
Louisa May Alcott-Classics (CL)
Tasha Alexander-Historical Suspense (HS)
Victoria Alexander-Historical Romance (HR)
Donna Anders-Thrillers T
Jessica Andersen-PNR
Catherine Anderson-Romance/HR (R/HR)
Donna Andrews-M
Toni Andrews-PNR
Mary Kay Andrews-WF
Kelley Armstrong-PNR
Keri Arthur-PNR
Lori Avocato-Cozy (C)


Will Baer-M                                                       
Nevada Barr-M/T                                                                     
Stephanie Barron-HM
Beverly Barton-RS                                       
Cynthia Baxter-C                                                 
MC Beaton-C
Elizabeth Becka-T
Jennie Bentley-C
Laurien Berenson-C
Elizabeth Berg-Woman's Fiction Woman's Fiction
Maeve Binchy-R
Claudia Bishop-C
Lisa Black-T
Juliet Blackwell-PC (Paranormal Cozy)
Jennifer Blake-HR/R
Toni Blake-R
Miranda Bliss-C
Lawrence Block-M
Judy Blume-Other (Young Adult)
Chris Bohjalian-Other (Fiction)
Maya Bohnhoff-Other (Sci Fiction)
CJ Box-T
Barbara Taylor Bradford-R/HR
Celeste Bradley-HR
Jacklyn Brady-C
Joan Brady-T
Rachel Brady-M
Kylie Brant-Romantic Suspense (RS)
Gary Braver-Medical Thriller (MT)
Allison Brennan-RS
Suzanne Brockmann-R/RS
Charlotte Bronte-CL
Emily Bronte-CL
Sandra Brown-HR/RS/T
Edna Buchanon-M   
MM Buckner-Eco-thriller (ET)
Alafair Burke-M
James Lee Burke-Historical Fiction (HF)
Monica Burns-PNR
Varda Burstyn-ET


Chelsea Cain-T
Rachel Caine-UF (Urban Fantasy)
Stella Cameron-RS/R/PNR
Drusilla Campbell-WF
Rebecca Cantrell-HM
Joanna Carl-C
Robyn Carr-R
Sammi Carter-C
P.C. Cast-YA PNR
Jayne Castle-PNR/HR
Toni McGee Causey-M
Karen Chance-PNR
Sean Chercover-T
Rick Chesler-T
Lee Child-T
Laura Childs-C
Carol Higgins Clark-C
Mary Higgins Clark-M
Mary Jane Clark-T
Paul Cleave-T
Jane Cleland-C
Harlan Coben-M
Margaret Coel-M
Nancy Cohen-C
Kresley Cole-PNR
Kate Collins-C
Max Allan Collins-T/CSI and Criminal Minds Fan Fic
Jessica Conant-Park-C
Susan Conant-M
Michael Connelly-M
Sheila Connolly-C
Robin Cook-MT
Patricia Cornwell-M
Catherine Coulter-T
Cleo Coyle-C
Robert Crais-M
Jasmine Cresswell-RS
Michael Crichton-T
Deborah Crombie-M
Justin Cronin-SF/T
Jennifer Crusie-WF
Clive Cussler-Action Adventure (AA)


Mary Daheim-C
Jordan Dane-T
Cindy Daniel-C
Casey Daniels-Paranormal Cozy (PNC)
Evelyn David-M
Diane Mott Davidson-C
Mary Janice Davidson-PNR
Alyssa Day-PNR
Barbara Delinsky-WF
Jeffrey Deaver-T
Nelson DeMille-T
Anna DeStefano-PNR
Karen Dionne-ET
Christina Dodd-PNR/HR/RS
Deborah Donnelly-C
Pamela Duncan-WF

Peggy Ehrhart-C                        
Barry  Eisler-T     
JT Ellison-T  
Jennifer Estep-YAUF/UFPNR (Young Adult and Adult Urban Fantasy, Adult Paranormal romance)    Janet Evanovich-C
Mary Anna Evans-C
Nicholas Evans-ET


Linda Fairstein-Legal Thriller (LT)
Jerrilyn Farmer-C
Christine Feehan-PNR
Jasper Fforde-Magical Realism (MR)
Joseph Finder-T
Janet Fitch-WF
Elaine Flinn-C
Joanne Fluke-C
Gillian Flynn-T
Vince Flynn-Military Thriller (MT)
Ken Follett-HF/HR/T
Lori Foster-R
Kathryn Fox-T
Dorothea Benton Frank-WF
Margaret Fraser-HM
Barbara Freethy-RS
Nicci French-Psychological Thriller (PT)
Kathleen Fuller-H/IR
Kate Furnivall-HR


Leighton Gage-M
Michelle Gagnon-T
Bente Gallagher-C
Julie Garwood-RS/HR
Lisa Gardner-T
Anne George-C
Elizabeth George-M
Cindy Gerard-RS
Tess Gerritsen-MT
Tod Goldberg-T
Chris Grabenstein-M
Sue Grafton-M
Erin Grady-R/PNR
Heather Graham-PNR/RS
Laura Griffin-RS
Martha Grimes-M
James Grippando-LT
John Grisham-LT/F
Andrew Gross-T
Beth Groundwater-C
Amy Gutman-T

Shannon Hale-R                                                   
James Hall-T                                 
Steve Hamilton-M                      
Karen Harper-RS                        
Charlaine Harris-C/PNR 
Rosemary Harris-C
Kim Harrison-Urban Fantasy (UF)     
Jon Hassler-M                             
Carolyn Hart-C                          
Bonnie Hearn Hill-T                  
Lynn Heitman-Aviation Thriller (AT)
David Hewson-M/T
Carl Hiassen-M
Vicki Hinze-RS
Tami Hoag-RS/T
Steve Hockensmith-HM
Frank Turner Hollon-M
Cheryl Holt-HR
Kay Hooper-T
Elizabeth Hoyt-HR
Linda Howard-RS
Mary Ellen Hughes-C
Greg Hurwitz-T  
Elisabeth Hyde-M
Julie Hyzy-C


Greg Iles-T
Ian Irvine-Fantasy (Ft)
Susan Isaacs-R/WF
Roberta Isleib-C


Jeremy Jackson—T/F
Lisa Jackson-RS
Eloisa James-HR
PD James—M
JA Jance—M
Sabrina Jeffries—HR
Iris Johansen—HR/T
Linda O. Johnston-C
Paul Johnston-T
Chris Jordan-T
Nicole Jordan-HR
Brenda Joyce-PNR/RS


Andrea Kane—RS
Alex Kava-T
NM Kelby—M
Faye Kellerman—M
Jonathan Kellerman—M
Lee Charles Kelley—C
Douglas Kennedy—T
Sherillyn Kenyon—PNR
Sue Monk Kidd—WF/HF
Diana Killian—C
Barbara Kingsolver—R/WF
Laura Kinsale-HR
Sophie Kinsella—Chick Lit  (CL)
Lisa Kleypas—HR
Jane Kirkpatrick—Inspirational Romance/HR (IR)
Deidre Knight—PNR
JA Konrath—M
Dean Koontz—T/Horror (Ho)

Friday, August 12, 2011


If you love action-packed thrillers, you'll enjoy the debut thriller from Boyd Morrison. Dr. Dilara Kenner is an archeologist who's looking for her missing father. When her father's friend is killed and previous attempts are made on her life, she goes to see Dr. Tyler Locke, an engineer at Gordian Engineering, and tells him about Noah's Ark, her father's discovery. The two of them are finding shocking answers to suspicious hidden targets, like a mysterious plane crash to an attempt on a cruise ship. And they're up against Sebastian Ulric, the leader of the Church of the Holy Waters, who wants to annihilate the human race and start a New World of his own people. It's up to Dilara and Tyler to stop him, before time's running out, when the prion disease is released to the world. What a wild ride!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Challenge to Honor

If you love great historical romances with intrigue and suspense, you'll enjoy the Masters of Arms series. In this one, Celina Vallier is engaged to an evil Spanish count. It's her only one out, when she goes to Rio De Silva, the Silver Shadow and master fencer, to help her out with the situation. They team up and slowly fall in love. But someone's out to get them, when someone wants him out of the way, and burns down his salon, when her brother Denys goes missing. With a mixed array of emotions and confusion, Celina faces her anguish at Rio, who  probably wanted her brother harmed; but when he revealed the truth, all bets are off, when she realizes who he is, and she knows with her heart, he's the one that she wants. What a great story!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Indigo Slam

In Robert Crais's Indigo Slam, the 7th book in the Elvis Cole Mystery series,  PI Elvis Cole was assigned on the case by 14-year Teri Haines (Hewitt), who needed help finding her missing dad. But it wasn't an easy case for Elvis. With the Russian mob after him, and the US Marshals who want to protect him, it did get difficult.  Add some nasty Viets to the clan, things got hectic as Clark Hewitt pulled two disappearance acts, when Elvis found the truth from the red herrings as Elvis discovered he's dying from cancer, and wanted to provide for his kids. It was a twisted chase of good and evil for a good read.

This was a wonderful Elvis Cole mystery. My heart ached for Teri and for her father Clark. The Witness Protection Program storyline plot was just terrific for it. I loved how Joe Pike continued to help Elvis get out of tough and sticky situations as always. I loved the California backdrop for this series as well. I did feel shocked, when there was a corrupt US Marshal. There was a bunch of good plot twists and turns, plenty of drama and a hint of intrigue to keep you guessing what happened next.

Don't disappear! Pick up a copy today!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


If you love a good action-adventure novel, you'll enjoy the Dirk Pitt series by Clive Cussler.  In the 10th installment, Dragon, it took place in the 1990s. When a ship was in trouble, it disrupted NUMA's mission at Soggy Acres underground. But  things always weren't what they seem, when they've been recruited to join a MAIT team. Once briefed, they learned about a new evil empire in Japan who used robots for employees, and planned a devious plan to take over Europe, the Western Bloc countries, and USA. Once they discovered what they're up to, it was now up to Pitt and NUMA to bring them down, when they were a lot of betrayal and angst from World War Two. When the  Japanese hatched a plan to destroy it by blackmail by nuclear bombs,  it was now up to Dirk Pitt and NUMA to save the world against evil Japanese politicians who wanted to rule it, and stop it from happening. What a rush!

This was a fantastic classic and early Dirk Pitt NUMA action-adventure. This would thrill you, enthrall you, and excite you like no other. I loved the marine theme with NUMA from Virginia and down to Europe. This would feel like you're on the same adventurous journey with them, especially when you were reeled in from the first page. I cared about Dirk and the NUMA team, when they fought against the nasty Japanese. Good drama, excellent adventure with plenty of high-paced action, and plenty of suspense, too.

Ready to chase a dragon? Get started with a copy now!