Friday, August 19, 2011


This is another great Alex Delaware mystery by Jonathan Kellerman. In Gone,  when two drama students turned up missing, it ended up as a hoax. When they later do turn up missing, it was up to Alex and the police to pick up the pieces of their lives, with an eclectic cast of characters, including the Dowds. When other cold cases turned up with missing people, they wondered if it was connected to the same crime or not. Not only that, Alex's relationship with Robin got closer, when they wound up hurt by a disgruntled psychologist.  In the end, they uncovered a shocking discovery of where the missing went, and why. This would keep you really guessing to the end.

This was another excellent Alex Delaware mystery. This storyline was captivating and compelling at the same time. This would make you gasp and sigh at every twisted turn. I liked how Alex worked with Milo and had gotten closer to Robin. The Dowds were a bit creepy and suspicious in my opinion. I hated it, when they tried to target Alex's dog. I loved the California backdrop and how it played out everywhere. Great drama, tons of suspense, and a gripping storyline to keep you up all night.

Please give this book a try!

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