Friday, August 12, 2011


If you love action-packed thrillers, you'll enjoy the debut thriller from Boyd Morrison. Dr. Dilara Kenner is an archeologist who's looking for her missing father. When her father's friend is killed and previous attempts are made on her life, she goes to see Dr. Tyler Locke, an engineer at Gordian Engineering, and tells him about Noah's Ark, her father's discovery. The two of them are finding shocking answers to suspicious hidden targets, like a mysterious plane crash to an attempt on a cruise ship. And they're up against Sebastian Ulric, the leader of the Church of the Holy Waters, who wants to annihilate the human race and start a New World of his own people. It's up to Dilara and Tyler to stop him, before time's running out, when the prion disease is released to the world. What a wild ride!

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  1. I read The Ark last year. COULDN'T put it down. It reminded me of the non-stop action in my favorite TV show, 24. Highly recommend this book to anyone. Just make sure you have a huge bowl of popcorn handy.


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