Monday, August 29, 2011


If you love medical thrillers with a twist of science and a hint of horror, you'll enjoy Robin Cook's Mutation. When Dr. Victor Frank created his second son VJ by surrogate, he added an extra element to the implantation: an animal gene to make him smarter and brighter. But things weren't cracked up to be for his ten-year-old son. He might be bright, but he was also anti-social and a bit violent. Things started up by him poisoning other people and developing his own mad science for biotechnology. When things escalated, it was now up to Victor to save his wife and may save himself with a drastic end--it had a shocking surprise ending.

This medical thriller sent chills and thrills down my spine. It gave me goosebumps, too. I cared about Victor and his wife and his  firstborn son, and knew something was off with VJ.  I loved the Boston area for the location and the settings, especially in the laboratory. This did have a touch of horror inside this medical thriller, too. This made me blink a few times as well. Good drama, great foreshadowing suspense and intrigue with non-stop action to the end.

Will you discover the mutation in the cells? If so, give this a go tonight!

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