Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kiss of Crimson

 If you love juicy paranormal series, you'll enjoy the second book in the Breed series, Kiss of Crimson. Dante is haunted by visions of his death. When he's injured in a fight, he's rescued by Dr. Tess Culver, a vet with a healing touch. By one instance, she saved his life as he erased her memory. Later, they meet and slowly fall in love, not knowing he's a vampire. But there's other dangers out there, when they're still in the middle of a war with the Rogues. When Sterling Chase from the Darkhavens approaches them, they're up for a mission to stop the Crimson drugs affecting the youth and turning the Breeds. One, he later finds out is his nephew, Camden, while being torn for his feeling for his sister-in-law, Elise. Back to Dante, he's up against his rival, Ben Sullivan, who's the drug dealer, when the bitter truth of who he is comes to light, when it puts everyone in danger, and brings Tess and Dante together. What a great series!

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