Monday, August 22, 2011


If you love explosive thrillers, you'll love the second installment in the Kelly Jones Thriller series by Michelle Gagnon, Boneyard. In this novel, Kelly Jones was assigned to a disturbing case of bones found at a local national park in Massachusetttes, right before she left for her overdue vacation,  when they uncovered a boneyard of dead bodies. What they didn't know was the killer was someone they might know in the distance, someone who didnn't like male gay hustlers. It hit close to home for Kelly's task force, especially when dead bodies were found in New York and also in Massachusetts. What was worse was there was a copycat out there, who had revenge for his own. When her boyfriend Jake Riley popped up, he helped out in the case, and had a proposal for Kelly of his own,  before it might be too late for Kelly and her task force. What a thrill ride!

This thriller focused on the hard-hitting topic of a hate crime against gay men. I loved how Jake and Kelly teamed up in this tough case, when someone had literally a bone or two to pick with them, one of their own. This also sent me chills and thrills down my spine as well. I didn't like how the killer targeted gay men with a possible copycat to finish what he started. We could see the sparks flying between Kelly and Jake as they got closer and closer. Once again, don't read this thriller in the dark.

Ready to read a night with a nightlight? Give this thriller a try tonight!

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