Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bones Are Forever

Dr. Temperance Brennan is back in Bones Are Forever and now hot on a brand new case in Canada. When she discovers a dead baby, she's shocked at what she finds. More dead newborn babies and what she uncovers from their autopsies, she goes cross-country to the other side of Canada to track down the mother. And she's in a bind of her own, when she teamed up with her two former ex-boyfriends. Talk about an awkward love triangle. With new leads turning and new clues to the case, someone doesn't want the truth to get out about what really happened. Tons of twists and turns surprises Tempe in a small knit diamond-mining town. We really see what's in Tempe's mind in every page-turning chapter, especially when she gets closer to the truth to figure it all out.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Perfect Timing

In the 11th installment of the Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan family series, Perfect Timing, Catherine Anderson wowed us with another timeless and classic love story for all time. Nonetheless, it' was beautifully written and magical. This one was a tear-jerker, so bring a hanky with you. When Quincy's sister-in-law Loni was real sick with a rare form of Leukemia, the family needed a miracle to come into her life. And that's when Ceara O'Calleaugh came into their lives, a 15th century Druid from Ireland, who time-traveled in the nick of time to break the family curse of the first wives in their family throughout the hands of time. But Quincy wasn't a believer in her story. When she came close of dying, they urged Quincy to marry Ceara and perform miracles. And after they did, she took us through a journey of love to withstand the hands of time, when she changed his life for good. Very moving through Quincy's and Ceara's scenes. Do you believe in the power of magic? You would in this new story.

This was one of my all-time favorite Catherine Anderson's contemporary romances. This would make you believe in magic, miracles and love, even if you were a non-believer. This made my heart sigh and take a big breath. I loved how this focused on the time-travel angle with Ceara's entrance into the modern world of Oregon, USA. I instantly fell in love with her character and believed in her. I liked the pairing of Ceara and Quincy, when they performed magical love together. This would tug on your heart-strings for sure. I couldn't find anything to find fault with this magical story. Great timeless romance that was packed into this novel with good drama and lots of intrigue.

Ready to believe in miracles? Check out this lovely romance today!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Posed for Murder

If you like traditional mysteries, you'll enjoy the first installment in the Lydia McKenzie series. Lydia's an up-and-coming photographer in New York City. During her first show, things get complicated. She used her friends to pose as models, based on cold case of Jane Does from a book. And when the police come to her door, she finds out that someone copycatted them for his murders. And one of her friends were murdered. Now it's up to Lydia and her friends to figure it out, while the killer has his eyes set on Lydia's friends before she's next. It's time for her to question her friends and know about their secrets, before it's gets any further. While she works as as a administrative assistant at a PI firm, another drama is going on there. When she discovers the truth, it might be too late for her!(less)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blood Vines

Erica Spindler thrilled and chilled us, once again, in Blood Vines. Alex Clarkson had been experiencing haunting nightmares from her past childhood. It'd been buried in her deep subconscious. But this all started, when a baby was found buried in a vineyard in wine country. It connected the case to a 25-year-old disappearance of a baby. She was thrown in a mystery of family secrets of her mother's life, while she searched for the identity of her father. And when she arrived in wine country, danger and death followed her. We really could see Alex struggling with her own identity and her past, while she found new relationships of another kind. And someone had it in for her to stay silent on what she knew, while she reconnected with her family and found new love with Dan Reed. And the closer to the truth of what happened back then, she was closer to go into too deep to remember...

I love the backdrop of wine country in Napa California. I really felt sorrow for Alex for losing her mother and then learning about her baby brother's death. We really do get adsorbed in the storyline and learn lots about the wine-making process in a factory. I was proud of Dan by sticking by her side and defying his parent's orders, since it would brought up trouble. I was glad she found her birth father and her half-sister in the end and had gotten justice for her brother's murder. The scenes in the caves at the winery were hard-hitting and disturbing, but powerful, too.

Ready to take a sip into a good thriller? Check out a copy right now!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Abduction of Julia

If you love beautiful historical romances to become a timeless classic, this one is for you. Alec MacLean needs a bride to inherit his grandfather's money before his evil cousin Nick does. Julia Frant needs money for her charitable causes and agree to have a marriage of convenience. She's not an ordinary woman, until she transforms into a beautiful lady. But in order to obtain all the funds, they've got to avoid having a scandal. But there's more than their opposites attracting this couple, when they're just made for each other. They've got to have faith and love in each other. With every twist and turns, this newly wedded couple every day, until they're drawn to each other. Plenty of surprises and lots of steamy romance in this one.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Slay It With Flowers

In the second installment of the Abby Knight Flower Shop series, Abby's over her head. When her cousin asks her to look into the murder of one of her groomsman. And she's up for the task, when something's going on and wrong going on across the flower shop. When she catches on, someone's making idle threats against her. But the chemistry is going strong for her and Marco. Can you talk about hot stuff here?  There's plenty of danger and intrigue from both ends, while she maintains her clientele for her flower business and witnesses what's really going on to solve a murder or two. We really feel for Abby, who's caught between a mossy rock and a real sticky and hard place.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Missing

If you love scary thrillers, you love this one from debut author Chris Mooney. Take Kathy Reichs's forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan from the Bones series, and Lisa Black's CSI Theresa McLean series, two great elements in this dark thriller. Darby McCormick is a crime scene investigator for the Boston crime lab. Over twenty years ago, she and two of her high school friends watched someone commit a crime. One of her friends died and the other was presumed missing. Now fast forward as Darby's on a new case, when she finds someone alive, near a missing person's home. And the clues form an interesting case and a creepy sadist serial killer. There's plenty of twists and turns in this one, right to the shocking ending. This is a great start for the series, when there's plenty of dark terror in sight.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bad Love

If you love the earlier classic Alex Delaware novels, this one is another good mystery from Jonathan Kellerman. It started with a child's voice on a tape, mentioning about "Bad Love." That sent Alex on a journey all over California, searching for answers, while he worked on another deposition for another case, when it got heated up. We watched when Alex discovered the connection between the symposium and the murders that happened over the years. And then he realized his life was endangered as  one of the last targets, when someone came after him and Robin. We were on for a wild ride, when they connected the dots in a strange line of "suspicious deaths", which it wasn't as it appeared. And it was even more stranger that it looked with a wicked twist at the end.

This was a wacky and wild classic early Alex Delaware mystery. This one had a mysterious backdrop on someone seeking revenge on past psychologists. I continue to love how Alex interacted with Milo and with the police. I liked his relationship with Robin and her love for guitars.  I didn't care for much as how they were killed, which was pretty much disturbing to me. It sent me the chills. The California backdrop from Los Angeles and all the way down to San Francisco was pretty much amazing in my book. Great drama, intense action, and plenty good stuff for a good mystery to read.

Ready for a wild mystery? Give this one a go today!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Forget Me Not

If you love romantic suspense novels featuring Navy SEALS, this is the one for you, too. In the first series of the Navy Seal 12, we're introduced to Gabe Renault and his wife Helen. This isn't an ordinary love story. Before Gabe's mission went awry, he was focused on his team. Then he was left for dead and traumatized with memory loss. He doesn't remember Helen or his stepdaughter Mallory or anything on their relationship. Helen, a bit weary and wanted an independent life and to divorce Gabe, lets him back into her life slowly. But it's not easy for both of them. Gabe's plagued with nightmares and deadly flashbacks, which puts him on edge. Someone wants him dead before he remembers. While Helen discovers what hell he went through, she starts to fall in love with him. He's a changed man, a more attentive husband and father than before. There's also a side romance story with Leila and Sebastian, too. This is a red hot romantic suspense novel to leave you breathless.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wild Wild Death

Welcome to the Wild Wild West. In the 8th installment of the Pepper Martin series, Wild Wild Death by Casey Daniels, this one took Pepper straight across the country. Unemployed in Cleveland, a mysterious postcard was delivered to Pepper. Her friend Dan was kidnapped. And the ransom was Chester Goodshot Gomez's bones, an Indian who was cursed by the Cleveland Indians, since he died in Cleveland.  This took Pepper to New Mexico and some parts in Colorado to find him. But things had gotten difficult and interesting for her, when she ran into Jesse, the Taopi tribal police, with a tender love affair. She'd gotten tangled into a web of deception and mixed up plots, when her life dangled on the line.  An enjoyable paranormal cozy.

I loved how the setting moved over to picturesque New Mexico  and Colorado from ordinary Cleveland, Ohio. This one told a different tale with an century-old ghost with a baseball mini twist. There was a bit of a mini love triangle to Jesse, when I knew her heart belonged to Quinn. The American Indian storyline gave it some kind of appeal to it. I enjoyed  the entire series and this book's storyline.

Ready to take a trip? Give a copy a try today!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Best-selling Alex Kava brought FBI Agent Maggie O'Dell back into her toughest case yet. Maggie recovered from her injuries in the past case and had a lot to deal with at home. A serial arsonist was taking the homeless, leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake. It was up to her and Julia Racine to find out who he was. And on the scent of the trail, she went after him. But he wasn't who you expected, when you were this close to the fire. He had a particular interest in her and trying to ruin her family with her mother and her half-brother Patrick. And things do get personal. In Fireproof,  the 10th book in the Maggie O'Dell series, we rooted for Maggie on the case, when things do scratch the surface in Virginia and Washington D.C. Danger loomed closer to Maggie than ever. Lots of drama and heart-pounding, thrilling action.

I really enjoyed this stand out thriller. I loved how we get to know more about Maggie's brother and his firefighting background. We can see how close she was to her mother and understood more about Patrick. This arsonist plotline was red-hot and fiery at the same time. I loved how she thought fast on her feet and acted upon impulse. When she was on the trail, I became worried about her. But this gripped me from the beginning and made me hold my breath, more than once.

Can't stand the heat? Get hooked into this thriller today!