Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wild Wild Death

Welcome to the Wild Wild West. In the 8th installment of the Pepper Martin series, Wild Wild Death by Casey Daniels, this one took Pepper straight across the country. Unemployed in Cleveland, a mysterious postcard was delivered to Pepper. Her friend Dan was kidnapped. And the ransom was Chester Goodshot Gomez's bones, an Indian who was cursed by the Cleveland Indians, since he died in Cleveland.  This took Pepper to New Mexico and some parts in Colorado to find him. But things had gotten difficult and interesting for her, when she ran into Jesse, the Taopi tribal police, with a tender love affair. She'd gotten tangled into a web of deception and mixed up plots, when her life dangled on the line.  An enjoyable paranormal cozy.

I loved how the setting moved over to picturesque New Mexico  and Colorado from ordinary Cleveland, Ohio. This one told a different tale with an century-old ghost with a baseball mini twist. There was a bit of a mini love triangle to Jesse, when I knew her heart belonged to Quinn. The American Indian storyline gave it some kind of appeal to it. I enjoyed  the entire series and this book's storyline.

Ready to take a trip? Give a copy a try today!

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