Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blood Vines

Erica Spindler thrilled and chilled us, once again, in Blood Vines. Alex Clarkson had been experiencing haunting nightmares from her past childhood. It'd been buried in her deep subconscious. But this all started, when a baby was found buried in a vineyard in wine country. It connected the case to a 25-year-old disappearance of a baby. She was thrown in a mystery of family secrets of her mother's life, while she searched for the identity of her father. And when she arrived in wine country, danger and death followed her. We really could see Alex struggling with her own identity and her past, while she found new relationships of another kind. And someone had it in for her to stay silent on what she knew, while she reconnected with her family and found new love with Dan Reed. And the closer to the truth of what happened back then, she was closer to go into too deep to remember...

I love the backdrop of wine country in Napa California. I really felt sorrow for Alex for losing her mother and then learning about her baby brother's death. We really do get adsorbed in the storyline and learn lots about the wine-making process in a factory. I was proud of Dan by sticking by her side and defying his parent's orders, since it would brought up trouble. I was glad she found her birth father and her half-sister in the end and had gotten justice for her brother's murder. The scenes in the caves at the winery were hard-hitting and disturbing, but powerful, too.

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