Saturday, March 23, 2013

Posed for Murder

If you like traditional mysteries, you'll enjoy the first installment in the Lydia McKenzie series. Lydia's an up-and-coming photographer in New York City. During her first show, things get complicated. She used her friends to pose as models, based on cold case of Jane Does from a book. And when the police come to her door, she finds out that someone copycatted them for his murders. And one of her friends were murdered. Now it's up to Lydia and her friends to figure it out, while the killer has his eyes set on Lydia's friends before she's next. It's time for her to question her friends and know about their secrets, before it's gets any further. While she works as as a administrative assistant at a PI firm, another drama is going on there. When she discovers the truth, it might be too late for her!(less)

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