Thursday, July 30, 2009

Margin of Error

Edna Buchanan's Margin of Error was the fifth installment of the Britt Montero mystery series. In this case, Britt went undercover on a Hollywood set of a movie.  An actor went undercover for his role as a government agent posing as agent, when he came into Britt's life. Someone's now stalking him, which is now followed by mishaps, mysterious accidents and deaths, which had pushed the production over-budget. Someone's trying to sabotage the film and murder him, when nightmares haunted Britt from a man she had previously shot on a former case. This also pushed the actor and Britt to work  together, while this stalker went after them with a menace.  From the Miami Herald press room to a Hollywood movie set, there was a bunch of drama with a tropical locale appeal, when Britt cornered the killers and identified them to find out who caused a scene.

This was another fantastic mystery from Edna Buchanan. I did feel a bit apprehensive for Britt as far as I was concerned. I loved the Hollywood angle in this mystery.I loved the connection Brit had with the actor. I continued to love the backdrop of Miami to set the scene. I didn't like this possessive stalker who wanted to do him in and Britt as well. This had all the good stuff for a great mystery with drama and a spark of intrigue.

Ready, aim, shoot! Buy a copy today!

Don't Drink the water

Watermind is part eco-thriller, part science fiction. This is a decent read, if you enjoy sci fi over eco-thrillers. Like Neal Stephenson's Zodiac, it's a bit technical and scientific in nature, when it comes it terms of water biology. But it has a bit of romance and lots of action from the first to last scene for a good read. This is set in Louisiana's swamps for a good mystery. Hold onto your seatbelts!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Black Hills

In Nora Roberts's Black Hills, another powerful romantic suspense that took place in a South Dakota ranch; a beautiful backdrop for two childhood sweethearts named Cooper Sullivan and Lil Chance. They first started out as friends and developed something more from there. They wouldn't forget the experience of finding a dead hiker's body one summer. Lil studied to become a wildlife biologist and protected her family land; and Cooper's family demanded him to study law to join their firm. Years later, they joined up with one another to start their own animal refuge. When someone killed Lil's courage, it all lead back to the unsolved murder from years gone by, while a blooming romance blossomed between the two of them to save animals and protect them from danger. Enjoy the call of the wild!

What are you Reading?

I have to admit that since I joined Twitter in May, my reading totals for May-June have been 12 and July, as it ends this weekend, will be the lowest this year with about nine. I've tried. And so I'm asking you, what are you reading this week? What's on your TBR list? Join J_Kaye's weekly challenge of what books you're reading at Here's what I have in store for this week:

I'll be finishing Black Hills by Nora Roberts and Watermind by MM Buckner today. Stay tuned for my blogs later today. I'm currently reading and hope to finish Margin by Error, my last book for this month, by Thursday night. Up next is Low Country by Anne Rivers Siddons and Shell Games by Kirk Russell, both new reads for tomorrow, and then Life at These Speeds by Jeremy Jackson, to start this weekend. Happy reading.

Monday, July 20, 2009

When Darkness Falls

In James Grippando's When Darkness Falls, the 6th book in the Jack Swyteck series, was a great new legal thriller. For Jack, he was a lawyer who was representing a homeless man with a dangerous dark past that goes by the name of Falcon. It also lead his best friend and partner Theo becoming a hostage with his life was in peril. The flashback scenes were intriguing as they collided and clashed with the present and possible future. There's high drama, action-packed drama and plenty to suffer through a hostage standoff in the center of Miami heat in the summer. Can you hear the Caribbean music in the background, calling you?

This was another intense thriller. I loved the Miami backdrop of the location for the series. You can really feel the tension in the air. I found Jack Swyteck was an interesting and compelling character. I did feel bad about Theo and Jack, when they became embroiled into another dark mystery. This one sent me chills down my spine. Great dramatic action, intense suspense, and a fascinating read.

Ready for darkness falling? Pick up a copy today!

Wrong Place Wrong Time

Set in picturesque New York, in Andrea Kane's Wrong Place, Wrong Time, she told us a dark tale of danger and intrigue. When Sally Montgomery went on a romantic encounter getaway, it was nothing but a dark terrifying nightmare. Her companion was murdered and the cabin was torched. That sent Sally riding into hiding, when the  police believe she's a suspect, and the killer want her dead. Nowhere to go and nowhere to turn for help, she went to her ex-husband, Pete Montgomery, a former cop and now a PI, with their daughter Devon, who inherited her father's intuitive genes. Devon began her search to the truth and closer to the Pierson clan, she met Blake Pierson, an Olympic gold hopeful, and his family's empire threatened, she didn't know whose side he was on. As they both race again the clock to clear her mother's name to prove her innocence, they team up as sparks fly between them, and to beat the killer in the end.

This was a heated and sexy thriller. I did feel sorry for the Montgomery family, when they dealt with a whole lot of trouble. The New York location was idealistic and creepy. I liked Devon working with her father and later more with Blake. I think they make a formidable couple as well. We could witness the sparking chemistry between them. I didn't like Blake's family members, too. This would make your heart race and your pulse rise on every page-turning suspenseful twist in the novel. Packed with great action and intense heat, this one would raise your hairs on edge.

Don't be at the wrong time, wrong place! Pick up a copy today!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lisa Jackson 2009/2010 Reading Challenge

If you're a big fan of Lisa Jackson, this is the contest for you. At, she's holding a Lisa Jackson reading challenge starting now. It ends on 12/31/10. So you'll have plenty of time to read as many as your want. She had one that started in May and ended last month. I read Final Scream a bit too late and didn't make the cut. So I'm aiming for six books to read between now and then.

My picks are:
1. Deep Freeze
2. Whispers
3. Malice
4. Chosen to Die
5. Left to Die
6. Hot Blooded

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stay away from the beaches

In James Patterson's newest thriller, Swimsuit, he introduces a new diabolical serial killer named Henri and a new hero named Ben Hawkins to his collection of characters. From Hawaii to Europe, from start to end, each chapter deals with lots of drama, crime, action for a good mystery, and in some scenes, a bit of gory, if you're not squeamish. This is the fourth book I've read from him. He keeps getting better in my opinion for a quick beach read. Happy reading!

Since it's been awhile I've updated my TBR list, here's where I stand as of now to match my Shelfari shelf. (If you prefer to see what I've read or to be read, let me know. Right now I'm currently reading When Darkness Falls and hope to finish it soon. I'll start reading Watermind and Wrong Place, Wrong Time tomorrow. Up next the book I'm going to read this weekend are Margin of Error, Low Country and Black Hills.


In the 8th installment of Clive Cussler's Kurt Austen NUMA series, Medusa, this action-adventure took us on a new journey with Kurt Austen. This time around, this dealt with a special type of jellyfish called Blue Medusa that saves people's lives. This took Kurt to China and to the Micronesia Islands from the USA, when he discovered about a top secret U.S. government special biomedical research lab, when the jellyfish suddenly disappeared. At the same, off Bermuda, a bathysphere is attacked by an underwater vehicle and left helpless. Now it was up to Kurt to link the two events together to stop a Chinese criminal organization from unleashing a pandemic to the world, when millions of lives were at stake. 

I loved how this action-adventure dealt with the biomedical field to have medical thriller elements. I loved the dual locations of Bermuda and Micronesia Islands for this novel as well. I cared about Kurt and Zavala, when they tackled a crazy maniac, too. I also cared about the whole planet, since everyone was a stack. This would make you take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief, a couple of times in this novel. This would take you in a fun ride as well from above and below the water. Great suspense, nice dramatic action with plenty of adventure, and lots of intrigue for sure.

Ready to search for Blue Medusa? Come aboard with a copy today!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Scream Real Loud

Final Scream is a fabulous romantic suspense thriller by Lisa Jackson. Final Scream has lots of romance, intrigue, drama, a corrupted family tree with hidden secrets, and lots to make you cringe and cheer. This has all the right ingredients for a good summer read. Or in winter, it'll keep you warm. I love her work.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Death on Demand

This is a new cozy series for me to try out this year, the locked-room variety. It has great suspense for every page and intrigue throughout the novel. It's a light read for any season. It even has a hint of suspense as Annie and Max are a great duo for solving crime, when the secrets comes out at night, and everyone might be a suspect to the end.

P.S. I'm switching novels in my lineup. Swimsuit by James Patterson and When Darkness Falls by James Grippando are next, since they're due next week. I'll be adding the Twitter follow me button soon.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Cheater

In the third installment of the Lily Forester legal thriller series, The Cheater was a terrific new legal thriller from Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. Lily Forrester returned years later as the judge, who dealt with a new husband, an estranged daughter, and two new cases, when a serial killer made her family a target. To start things off, her new husband called her from a Las Vegas jail cell and was charged with attempted rape.  Meanwhile, FBI Mary Stevens tracked down a serial killer who target cheating husbands. It all lead to a web service who listed cheated husbands, placing Lily and Mary as potential targets for the serial killer. Plenty of twists and turns with a bit of romance and lots of high-paced action. A must read for all NTR fans.

This was an exquisite legal thriller which continued the drama for Lily and her family many years late. I did feel sadness for Lily, when this happened and when her daughter continued to distance herself from her. I love the Las Vegas-California angle as well with the Internet/FBI twist as well. I wished Nancy Taylor Rosenberg continued to write books and more in this series, after My Lost Daughter a few years ago. Maybe she retired from writing. I loved the twists and turns and the edge of suspense to keep you hot in your seats.

Don't cheat on a good read! Pick up a copy today!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Matters of the Heart

In Matters of the Heart, Danielle Steel told us a dark tale about obsessive love. Hope Dunne was a top photographer who found serenity through the lens of her camera.  She wasn't looking for love and excitement, until she was assigned to go to London. From there, she met Finn O'Neill, who exuded warmth and charm. He thought he was the perfect counterpoint for her and was instantly taken by her.  He courted her and whisked her away to Ireland. From there, she found everything irresistible about it. Within time, she fell in love with Finn as doubt surrounded her, which was filled by bullet holes of lies, jealousy and an unsure history. Now frightened from Finn, she needed to break the spell he cast on her and escape to freedom with some help along the way. This was one of her well-written finest and darkest romances on love in her backlist.