Monday, July 20, 2009

Wrong Place Wrong Time

Set in picturesque New York, in Andrea Kane's Wrong Place, Wrong Time, she told us a dark tale of danger and intrigue. When Sally Montgomery went on a romantic encounter getaway, it was nothing but a dark terrifying nightmare. Her companion was murdered and the cabin was torched. That sent Sally riding into hiding, when the  police believe she's a suspect, and the killer want her dead. Nowhere to go and nowhere to turn for help, she went to her ex-husband, Pete Montgomery, a former cop and now a PI, with their daughter Devon, who inherited her father's intuitive genes. Devon began her search to the truth and closer to the Pierson clan, she met Blake Pierson, an Olympic gold hopeful, and his family's empire threatened, she didn't know whose side he was on. As they both race again the clock to clear her mother's name to prove her innocence, they team up as sparks fly between them, and to beat the killer in the end.

This was a heated and sexy thriller. I did feel sorry for the Montgomery family, when they dealt with a whole lot of trouble. The New York location was idealistic and creepy. I liked Devon working with her father and later more with Blake. I think they make a formidable couple as well. We could witness the sparking chemistry between them. I didn't like Blake's family members, too. This would make your heart race and your pulse rise on every page-turning suspenseful twist in the novel. Packed with great action and intense heat, this one would raise your hairs on edge.

Don't be at the wrong time, wrong place! Pick up a copy today!



  1. I think being in the wrong place is always a problem. I will have to think about reading this book

    Johnny Ray

  2. LOL It's way too hot here to bundle up. How about I get a cold drink instead? The book sounds great, all I'd need was some time to read it!


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