Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What are you Reading?

I have to admit that since I joined Twitter in May, my reading totals for May-June have been 12 and July, as it ends this weekend, will be the lowest this year with about nine. I've tried. And so I'm asking you, what are you reading this week? What's on your TBR list? Join J_Kaye's weekly challenge of what books you're reading at http://j-kaye-book-blog.blogspot.com/2009/07/its-monday-what-are-you-reading-july-27.html. Here's what I have in store for this week:

I'll be finishing Black Hills by Nora Roberts and Watermind by MM Buckner today. Stay tuned for my blogs later today. I'm currently reading and hope to finish Margin by Error, my last book for this month, by Thursday night. Up next is Low Country by Anne Rivers Siddons and Shell Games by Kirk Russell, both new reads for tomorrow, and then Life at These Speeds by Jeremy Jackson, to start this weekend. Happy reading.


  1. I'm reading Rebecca's Tale by Sally Beauman. Next in line is Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne, prequel to an upcoming video game I'm interested in.

  2. Yes, when I joined Twitter in November, everything suffered, including my reading. I did balance out by January. Of course, I don't spend as much time on Twitter as I'd like to either.

  3. I am still reading American Lion by Jon Meacham. For some reason I take a long time reading biographies. Whenever I finish this book I plan on reading The Target by J.R. Hauptman. They both are review books.

    I have both twitter and Facebook and they both are time consuming. I am still trying to find the right balance.


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